Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Drive By Post

First of all thank-you for all your comments on my last post, I really feel the love in my heart.
Welcome to my new followers, I hope you will not be disappointed in my post's.

I am a very lucky lady, I was looking at an email sent to me by Common Thread a DMC Corporation,  they wanted me to see the  Celebrating Our Heritage For 270 Years, wow I did not know Mike was in the office with me as I was looking at the email.
I said outloud wow that is beautiful, he asked me what and I said the Collection they have for sale to honor the 270 years of DMC.
He went onto the web site and ordered this beauty of a gift to surprise me for taking care of him when he was recovering from his surgery.

This is what I received in the mail yesterday, a beautiful box trimmed in gold, so pretty.

A pair of Eiffel Tower scissors, a skein of gold thread, a book with lovely vintage designs, a card with a serial number which is on the gold thread wrapper to match the serial number on the box.

This is a page from the little book, I love it, it is written in French so I will need to have Mikes sister read it for me, but I can still read the stitching design patterns, I do not need a translation for that.

Here are a few photos of a storm coming our way that past week-end, along with some lovely fall colors.

After the storm, some thunder and some rain, it is chilly today around 68 degrees too chilly for me. Brrrr.

I hope this fall finds you stitching hall and Christmas designs.

Blessings to you All



Edgar said...

What a lovely present!!!! I am loving the snaps of the Fall tress, thanks!!!!

Faith... said...

What a lucky lady you are!

Love your pictures; that looks like one nasty storm. 68 is chilly for me too now that I am in Arizona!

Bea said...

What a beautiful gift box! Your colours are gorgeous - we just go from green to soggy. Not a nice looking storm at all and you definitely have autumn temperatures.

Preeti said...

That's a beautiful present, you deserved it !!:) Enjoy!!

Marilyn said...

What a thoughtful husband.
Enjoy your goodies.
Great pics!

Vickie said...

That was just a wonderful thing for Mike to do. What a gorgeous gift.

Linda said...

What an awesome gift from Mike. Loved your outdoor pics Catherine.


Frances said...

Love your beautiful gift!
It's cooling off here and we are so thrilled! It's pleasant enough to sit outside and not sweat! hahaha
Your fall color photos are beautiful!

gracie said...

Lovely Fall pictures. How lovely that Mike did that for you. Glad to read that he is doing well.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh my goodness, everyone has been talking about that gold thread and how expensive it is! And you own a skein of it! What a very special gift.