Thursday, October 15, 2015

Some stitching and some very important information.

Hello to all you Bloggers out in Blogland, I hope the changing of the seasons is treating you all well, I seem to have a little hayfever ick, Mike is worse off then me, I think as we grow older we notice the things that used to bother us little are now  more noticeable.

I have stitched a little on my Scattered Seed  Harvest Waiting, I love this design, I am in awe of blackbirds so this is up my ally, I hope to have it finished this week-end and put together.
Sorry about the dark picture and the wrinkles, it is late and I am tired long days at work.

This is a Shepherds Bush Kit I am sending to a very special friend, I hope she likes it.
I think I need to get a couple more they are so cute and so pink.
Not a good picture sorry.

I am excited about this pattern it is so pretty, and I am going to dye my own fabric for the leaves, this is a Cath's Pennies Designs, it is called Autumn Splendor, the length is 12x25 so it is very long, just right for my sofa table, I do like to do penny rugs.

Carol over at has requested if anyone can help with another stitchers loss, Cindy at has lost everything due to black mold, she was told she could not take a thing with her including furniture.
Carol has asked if you have any extra threads patterns or anything that you no longer need if you could pass it on, I know that as a stitcher we are kind and generous with all our hearts, please stop over and visit both blog sites.
I have already started to put together a few things. Can you help?

Next up: I did the Bead Shop Hop, I love beading, I seem to have lost two of the charms that were handed out, I am sure they will show up.

I did buy some beads for other projects.

Now I want to tell you about the Peep's I bought, I love Peep's they are yummy and so cute, however I did not like this taste, it was too blah, not really a pumpkin spice flavor, I still like the yellow plain ones.

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate the holiday, eat loads of candy and have spooky fun.



Lumiruusu said...

Hello from Finland!

Well done with your Autumn stitching and so nice that you do both stitching and beading!

Linda said...

Beautiful projects Catherine.


Lisa V said...

You are very kind dear Catherine. I am actually doing a private ornie exchange swap with Cindy this year and i'm going to add extras in to help her build up her stash.

Marilyn said...

Harvest Waiting is a great design.
The SB kit is cute also.
Can't wait to see your beading done.
I too am going to help out Cindy, what a terrible thing to go through.
Happy Fall!

Vickie said...

ooOoo! You have gotten some really great projects to work on.
I am praying for Cindy.

marly said...

I am jealous that you intend to get that much done in a weekend. My slump is the slowest ever! I keep taking a goodie break to get away from the stitching and gained back 5 pounds.

Carol said...

I really love your Harvest Waiting WIP, Catherine! And thank you for helping out Cindy. I have had such a wonderful response from our fellow stitchers who want to help her out :)

Enjoy your weekend and I hope your hay fever goes away soon. We are due for a frost here tommorrow night so that will be it for our hay fever season :)

Summer said...

wonderful stitching Catherine, love blackbirds, great future projects as well to look forward to seeing :)

Tiffstitch said...

Lovely stitching and so nice of you to send things along. I'll contact her and see what I can find to send as well.