Friday, October 9, 2015

I have truely been to hell and back because of Google

Greetings to all my faithful followers, I thank-you from my heart, welcome to my new and just dropping by followers.

I have spent the last three weeks trying to get into my BlogSpot, oh my goodness, I wanted to say some very bad words but refrained, someone had accessed my account and changed all my information, including my favorite band security question, wow what a bad time I had.
Thank-you to the many emails from followers who were concerned where I was, you all are wonderful.

I have been very busy stitching, and getting ready for retirement, I will be officially done on October 30th, I will miss all my co-workers so much they are my family, I love them all.
I have 20 days and a wake-up call, that is the day I turn in all my assigned equipment and my work vehicle, I am sad but on the same note happy and excited.

I have been stitching and took a beading class,  the first item is a kit I bought from my friend LaRue,
I love the bright blues of this project, I had to stitch the strawberry three times only because I put the  template on the fabric twice the wrong way.

I love this,  it will sit in my hutch.

Next is a beautiful  Needle Roll from the Shepherds Bush Fold series, I finished stitching this two weeks ago, I love this  set I just need to put the stitched piece  on the Shaker Box top, soon I will have all the pieces stitched  and put together.

This is the next in the Shepherds Fold series it is the Ruler Case, it is so cute, I plan on stitching on it  this weekend.
Up next is the  Scattered  Seed Samplers Harvest Waiting, I have joined Tammy Blacks Series this is the third in the series, I have started to stitch this  and have the bird almost done, I will show a picture on my next post of Blogger will cooperate with me.
Well things are hopping around here and soon they will slow down, still I am putting in long hours, I will miss my job but have plans to visit and help my Mother more,  help with Meals on Wheels, help with funerals at Church and of course stitch and stitch and of course stitch.
Until next time Peace to you All.


marly said...

Wow. Retirement is coming quickly! Sounds like you will be quite busy offering your time to others - maybe more than when working! Good looking projects.

butterfly said...

Sorry you had a bad time with your google happens now and again.

Beautiful stitching what wonderful designs just beautiful.
You will love retirement , I still don't know how I ever had time to work my days are so full hugs.

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Hi dear
I'm sure that you will love all the time that you will have. Fortunately I work but time is very low.
You will be happy. Congratulations for the finish I saw beautiful things. Needle roll is do beautiful. Ciao Giovanna

Marilyn said...

That blue beaded set is gorgeous!
What great projects you've worked on.
The Fold series awesome,and a great collection.
Happy retirement.
I'm sure you will enjoy your "free" time.

Vickie said...

Beautiful work Catherine!
I may be naive, but WHY would someone even take over your blog?!

Bea said...

What lovely projects you've been working on!

You will love being retired, so enjoy it all.

Carol said...

That is so awful that your blog was taken over, Catherine! Sounds like a real pain to set things right--good to see you back.

I am so in awe of your blue beaded set--spectacular :)

Enjoy your retirement!!

Hopblogger said...

Wow, someone hacked you! Gee that is terrible! I am so glad that you are back on and got it all straightened out! I better look at my own stuff and try to make sure it is secure, if possible.
Love the blue on your biscornu and scissor project. Lovely needle roll.
Many hugs, Conny