Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall is so Beautiful

Happy Fall to you all: Welcome to my new commenters and followers, it is beautiful today, it is a lovely 65 degrees, I have the office window open, it smells so fresh.
I had a long day yesterday, up at 03:30, left at 05:00 picked a Doctor from Blaine Mn. went to Sioux City Iowa for a one hour talk back to Minnesota, got home at 20:15 it was brutal however I did find a Starbucks and Panera Bread to get a latte and Sesame Seed Chicken Salad yummy.

This is one of the trees in my front yard, I love it, I took this picture on Sunday, it has now more orange and red leaves.

I decided to look in a bag I had put aside, I cannot believe how many projects I have going, I am just going to show you a few. I started this about two years ago, can you say I am slow I can. This is one I plan on finishing before the end of November.

Next is my Jeannette Douglas Biscornu Stackers, I wanted to do all three in different color fabric, I know I am a little different but I like different, I will finish the third one this weekend on white 32 count fabric.

I am working on two Scattered Seed  kits, one is the Pinpillow and Acorn Pinkeep  (Harvest Waiting)
I love Tammy Blacks patterns they are rather primitive looking, if you are interested in joining her series, she has three out Birds, Rabbits and Sheep pop on over and take a look. she has a beautiful blog, take a look at her huge sunflowers she grew this year.

This is the Happy Harvest Rejoice Pinkeep Nest I just need to stitch and stuff and do the trim, hopefully I will have this done by Sunday.

This ia the Hand Fan, it is from Mariah's Summer Tales series, I started this about a month ago, I do not have a path of stitching I go by, just whatever is my fancy for the day.

I am such a fan of Tammy's samplers, I look forward to doing more of her kits. She also sells on Etsy, I do not have her link you will have to go to her Blog site, she also sells other items you may find interesting.

I took my Mother to the Apple Jack Orchards this week, we bought several things including Harrelson apples, yummy tart but sweet, some apple fritter bread, poppy seed dressing.

Here are a few pictures to share.

This is an apron I found at the orchard, it is adorable, I plan on making a few of these they are made out of a mans shirt, oh so cute.

Up next is the Eagle's nest we found on the way home, if you click on the picture you really get an idea of how big they are.

It is now time to stitch.
to all.




Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Everything is so lovely and fall like too!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

you are a lot of works in project
I wish you happy stitching

Bea said...

Love autumn - my favourite season I think. You have some lovely projects on the go.

Linda said...

Love all the treasures you found Catherine.


Tiffstitch said...

Wow! Lots of lovely projects to finish up and some are really close. Lovely photos too.

Vickie said...

I know, Tammy's style is fantastic! I love visiting apple orchards. I just love McIntosh apples the best. :) Your tree is gorgeous. To spy an eagle's nest is quite special!

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Beautiful Photos of your would love to go there sometime myself. That looks like a neat place to go to.

I love Fall - it is my favorite time of the year. Anything Fallish I dearly love.

Enjoy your Fall Time

Linda K, Railroad