Sunday, July 12, 2015

Oh So Much Trouble And Some Stitching

Greetings to all, welcome to my new followers: I have been having so much trouble with my internet account with ( I am going to say it) Windstream  phone company, we have been without internet access for far to long, I called the company and asked for a refund for the days I could not use the internet, they did not want to do this but had to I was not nice.
We are up today but I am sure will be down again soon.
This has been an ongoing issue since the first of the year, I am sure they think I am the ultimate b****, but when you pay for something you should get what you pay for.

Now I want to say I am so sorry to all the people that have emailed me from blog world, I am so sorry this was a problem I could not take care of, the City of Annandale is looking for a new broadband company, yippee if it happens.

Sooo on to what I have been doing, I have finished my Sampler from Scattered Seed Samplers, A Token Of Spring oh how I love this beauty, it is such a soft and lovely design I will do more in the future.

I used crushed walnut shells and stuffing,  that is why it looks a little yonky, is that a word I do not know, I love Tammy's Designs I am totally hooked she is a new designer, she has a couple of other series out please check her out at

I did receive the next installment from Scattered Seed and will start working on it this evening after finishing my current project.

Happy Hearts Rejoice is the next in the series of four, a lovely Pinkeep Nest.

So sorry about the picture I did not take the bag off and now it is raining, it is to dark in the house to take pictures.

I am working on a Shepherds Bush Safe Keeping scissor fob, this is a quick stitch, I will finish it today.

I was in a second hand store and found a great case to carry my beading and patterns, this little beauty was only 2.49, oh my goodness, I feel lucky, I love this carrycase.

The bottom picture of the case is gray in this picture for some reason, maybe the battery is low.
This is such a handy case, I bought one from Joann Fabrics many years ago and it cost me over 30.00 so I find this a real deal.

Now on to my retirement, yes it will happen, I am sad to leave the company I work for they have been so good to me, I have also been good to them the last  22 years, you know I only called in sick 7 times and canceled 6 runs due to icy roads, when I went in to tell my boss I was retiring in October  he said jokingly he did not want to talk about it, he is such a wonderful man, we are lucky to have him, I have grown to love all the people and their families at work, we are so close, I will miss them so much.

I did tell him when our customer coordinator goes on vacation I will take over for her, they just send the 1800 number to my home for the time she is off, I just love modern technology, he was so happy.
I have been putting in loads of hours due to vacations, this is o.k. with me.
I have not taken my laptop with me because I am always driving or transferring patients.
I work at the Phillips Eye Institute in Minneapolis several times a month, so it is hard to work on my laptop.

I have my Mother almost settled into her new home, yippee, she is doing so much better, I am so proud of her, she is one of the rocks in my life, I am so Blessed to have her.
I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th, we were lucky to have my Mother, Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law and her Husband and my wonderful Neighbor Gary, he was all alone and was so thankful for the invite.

I will try and comment on your blogs later today.




gracie said...

Lovely stitching. Glad your mom is settling in; I am sure it is a comfort for you. Good for you----retiring.

Marilyn said...

I would demand good service too, after all, you pay for it!
All great projects, you've been busy.
Glad your Mom is settling in ok.
Hope you can retire soon.

Vickie said...

Woo hoo! I think you will be very, very glad once you are retired. :)
Good for your mother.
How nice to think of Gary.

Bea said...

It can be frustrating when 1 company has a monopoly on any service - well done standing up for yourself!
Great projects and a really lovely finish, even if you think it's yonky. (What a great word!)
Nice that your Mom is settling - I'm sure that is a huge relief for you.
Enjoy your retirement. I still say it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

marly said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy your retirement and filling in once in a while will be great! Sounds like you had a nice 4th and good to hear your mom is settled. You have every right to be ticked off and I'm sure you aren't the only one calling to complain. I wouldn't want to be their customer service rep!!

Preeti said...

Congrats on the lovely finish!! The stitching on the fob is beautiful and you got a good deal on the bag.
I hope you enjoy your post retirement and have a balanced life, the way you wish for:)

Frances N said...

Lovely stitching! You have done a lot of work! So pretty!
Retirement sounds great! You will have more stitching time!
Glad your mother is doing well.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful finish.

I have a case like that as well, I use it to put all of my finishing tools in it... scissors, rotary cutters, tape, pins, needles, box cutter, etc so its all on hand on my table yet easy to move out of the way.

blue star stitcher said...

Very pretty stitching. I can certainly understand being sad to retire from a company you have been with that long, wishing you a smooth transition.

Carol said...

How good to hear that your mother is doing well in her new home, Catherine--I feel the same way about my 88 year old mom--she is my rock!

Lovely, lovely finish and now that you'll be retiring, you'll have even more time to stitch! I know it will be hard to say goodbye to friends at work. I'm struggling with when to retire, too, and the main reason I stay on is my love for my co-workers... Best of luck to you :)