Thursday, June 18, 2015

I have been so busy.

I have been a little busy with Mom's move trying to unpack her belongings and hang pictures, wow I hope I never ever move myself for a long time so much packing and unpacking, I think I will stay where I am at and hope this will last until I live to be 100 years old.
You know I have enough stash to last three lifetimes.

I am so perplexed at my self for the huge mistake I mad on my Scattered Seed Samplers A Token Of Spring, I was going along so well and boom just like someone hit me with a bat, I realized I had made a big and I mean big mistake on counting,  the lower half of the Sampler has a row of diamonds, do you think I would sit and look before stitching nope just went ahead and stitched without a care, I had to rip out so much, it is almost enough to make a girl have five margaritas, what would the stitching look like with all that booze in my system? just asking, please forgive me for my comment, I am just so mad at myself, count ten times stitch once, nope not me, just forge ahead and this is what I get.

This is kind of what it looked like before I put in the Basket and Bird and the Diamonds on the bottom and the  side stitching, lo and behold I had to rip it all out, as you can see by my little sticky notes, argh and argh again. I do not have a picture of the before ripping.

So I decided to start with the Flowers and Branch's around the Birds, maybe that is where I should have started.
I wanted to get this done before the next installment comes at the end of June, oh well I am doomed until then.

I will be doing the ISHW weekend this Friday, Saturday and Sunday minus a graduation party many miles away.

I am counting the days until retirement, I am getting so excited, just think me with no work load, I have been working since the age of thirteen, I worked on weekends for two years until they found out I was only fifteen, then I found another job and worked there until eighteen, then I went to work for a printing company, worked there for seven and one half years, the company closed down, off to another job as manager for a restaurant, so as you can see I need to retire, I have been working for fifty two years minus two months.

The newest additions to our neighborhood, three baby robins and a cardinal, they are all so sweet, one of the robins was with me in the garden picking strawberries, he/she could fly but stayed with me, I just wish I had my camera  with me at the time.
there was a hawk flying around and landed in the tree, when I came out of the patio door in the bedroom to see what all the ruckus was bout he took off, I am sure he wanted one of the babies.

look hard the cardinal in on the rope of the neighbors waterfall fence, by the tassel.

Well that's it for today, I hope all are having a wonderful season of spring and getting loads of stitching done.



Vickie said...

All that unstitching is the pits! Sorry that happened to you.
What sweet baby bird pictures.

summer said...

Sorry you had to unpick so much, we all do it...with or without the margaritas LOL :)) great shots of the baby bird, strawberries and cream are yummy :)

butterfly said...

Oh dear , I hate to unpick too.
Lovely bird photos .
You will love being at home, but it takes a few months to get use to it, then you start thinking how ever did I fit work in !

Preeti said...

I stitch for 5 minutes and unstitch for 10 min. almost in every sitting and I guess once per hour :) and sometimes I just let it go wrong.
You have been working for so long !! 52 years !! You are so hardworking. Looking forward to your retirement :)

Bea said...

So sorry you got stuck with all that unstitching. It sucks! It's a lovely piece though.

Lovely bird pictures.

Angela Tucker said...

I have the same stitching formula as need to count! Looks good to me! LOL I am working on a project now that I need to pull out three rows. I know it needs to be done, but so far have avoided that by stitching on other the other side of the house.

Carol said...

I can hear your excitement for your upcoming retirement, Catherine! Just think of all the extra hours you'll have for stitching and fun stuff :)

Hope the lovely WIP you're stitching is back on track by now and progressing nicely...

Enjoy your weekend :)

Frances N said...

UGH! Ripping out is no fun! But we all do it sometimes....seems we never learn! haha
Your stitching is very pretty, though, and you'll forget the frogging!!!
The birds are so sweet--I hope your mean hawk goes away!!!
I hope you'll enjoy retirement--you can do so many fun things!

Hopblogger said...

Ripping it out is just a 'given' when it comes to cross-stitching. I do it often enough! Gee, it hardly seems that 2 years has gone by that fast! It will be here soon. What are you going to do with yourself! loll's