Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I have to hurry while I have a internet connection on this post

Hello to all: Again we are having internet connection problems, the businesses in town have been down just as much as I have, called to the city hall this morning complaining, I do not know if the problem will be fixed, eight times since the first of the year they have been out to my home, I keep telling them it is not me but their awful connection, they say we should be up and running due to the fact that they upgraded us, I would give anything to be back where we were, yes the speed was slow but we did have no problems with connections.

Anyhoo, I was on my way home today from an awful run, a patient that was so bad I almost quit my job., so on my way home, I see a neighbor has her grandchildren in the driveway selling cool-aid, so I stopped, I am so glad I did, I asked this little sweetheart how business was, she said slow, so the 50 cent cup of cool-aid was the best four dollars I spent, she was so thankful and so very happy, by the way it was so good.

Next is the Shepherds Bush Safe Keeping Scissor Fob, I am so happy with this heart, it is beautiful,
done on 32 count French Vanilla Linen, using Silk Floss one over two, the ribbon is so beautiful, I love the addition of the beads.

Up next is another Shepherds Bush this is the Shepherds Fold Scissor Fob, done on 32 count Stone Steps, ( I love that name) this is also done one over two with overdyed threads, I love the ribbon and beads on this one also.

I received my new kit from Scattered Seed Samplers, it is the first of a four part series, this is Moriah's Summer Token, I love it, there is a stick to make a paddle fan, the fabric Tammy has chosen is beautiful, the fabric is 32 count Belfast Platinum Linen, this linen is beautiful, the backing fabric is lovely and perfect for this project.

I wanted to show you a picture of the wonderful protection Tammy puts around the package before putting in an envelope to mail, Tammy thinks of so many sweet things, also there is a small sheep charms included, thank you Tammy I love it.

Now on to something that has nothing to do with stitching, I stopped by the Phillips Eye Institute to say hello and drop off paper work, as I was standing outside talking with a couple of people I spotted a beautiful butterfly,  a swallowtail, I think it is beautiful.

Not a real good picture, I hope you can see it.

Well I need to get to stitching, I am working on another Shepherds Bush Scissor Fob, it is the All Seasons Fob, this has sheep on it I will post again soon if the Windstream will let me, my internet company.
I hope you are all getting loads of stitching done.



Lisa V said...

Your so sweet Catherine, I bet you made that little girls day.
Love your stitching, so pretty.

Marilyn said...

Glad you gave the little girl some business, it probably made her day. :)
You finished some great projects.
Love Safe Heart, so pretty.
The Swallowtail is gorgeous.

Preeti said...

Love your scissor fob stitching and the way you did the finishing:) That's very sweet of you for filling the little girl's day with all smiles:)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow those fobs are gorgeous and you finished them beautifully. Hearts are so challenging too, what's your secret?

Vickie said...

Love your work. You gave that little girl something to talk about! :)

Bea said...

Beautiful fobs and your finishing is gorgeous.

Bet that little girl talks about you for days!

Don't you love it when business owners do those extra little touches?

Le trame della Galaverna said...

So beautiful.
Congratulations for the finish.

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Glad you could help out a neighbourhood child and make their day better even if yours was going downhill. Beautiful work and what a neat idea for a kit with the fan!

marly said...

Oh those hearts are sweet! Haven't had Kool-Aid in soooooo long. Thanks for the memory!

Frances N said...

You are a kind customer!
Your stitching is lovely--I especially like the ribbon ruching. (I guess that's what you call it) I do ruching, but mine is tighter--made with zigzag stitches on the ribbon. I want to do the edging like yours! You must tell me how you do it!!! It's so pretty!

summer said...

bless your heart for making a little girl SO happy! love your stitching! your butterfly pic is great! I haven't seen any this year.