Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy Spring Sitting out on the Patio Today

Good morning to all: I first want to thank-you all for your well wishes and beautiful comments.
I am humbled.
I received private get well wishes and an E-Card from Kim McCool, thank-you it came at a time when I was on a relapse, finally I am getting my health back, I have not been ill for over 12 years and wham I get pneumonia.
Now I have to say the stitching took a back seat to my illness, sad was I whenever I got up to try and eat something or  visit the ladies room I wanted to stitch so bad, now I am back at it yippee.

I was lucky enough to join a thimble exchange, this was a one time deal,  I was partners with June from http://butterfly-,  I think you need to stop by her blog, she has some of the most beautiful floral photos she shares on her blog, plus all her beautiful stitching.
June changes her shelf for the seasons, her displays are lovely.

( I had to correct my posting, this is what happens when you walk away from the computer while typing information is entered wrong  so sorry June)

I love the tissue paper and the little stickers she used, the measuring tape is adorable and the sewing machine is so cute, there is a card with two magnetic bookmarks in the upper right hand corner which today I will start using, of course id you follow me I am a lover of lace, I use it for almost everything, the little dragonfly is beaded and so small and sweet, there is a small notebook that is so small and cute, I love the pewter thimble it is lovely, I have never had many thimbles in my life only five and they are all special so now I can add this one to the collection.
Than-you June, so sorry this has taken so long to post, the package came when I was ill and I put it away to open later, I thank-you with all my heart.

Next is a beautiful stitching project I received from Louise Penglase, I love birds and Louise sent me the cutest Kookaburra from the Australian Collection by Lesley Suzanne Davies, Louise also sent along an extra piece of linen which I will hand dye and use for the third Jeannette Douglas Biscornu
from her Spring Biscornu Collection, what a lovely surprise it was for me to find this little lovely package in my mailbox.
Thank-you Louise, I love it.

I finally finished my Shepherds Bush A Full Heart, I am so happy to get this piece ready for the shaker box.
By the way, the Shaker box recommended for this piece cost about 165.00 dollars yes I said it right, so I went to Ebay and found one for 12.00 and a little shipping charge, it is beautiful, I love it, I sure would like to have bought the one they recommend for the project but that would have taken so much stitching money away from me, so being the sensible person I am I found one for the price I am most comfortable with.
May I present:

I do need to press the linen before I put on top of the box, I want to finish the edges of the box top a little different from what S.B. has done, how I am not sure.

I am working on my Scattered Seed Samplers A Token Of Spring, I love this project, it is a barrel pin cushion, (I am a sucker for pin cushions)  Tammy Black is from Wisconsin and is a wonderful Designer her link; Tammy has a new series coming out it is all about sheep, Title is The Sheepish Needle Sampler Club  sign-up starts tomorrow I believe, she has a payment plan if you like, oh please stop over and visit her site.

Next is a bracelet I did yesterday at Becka Beads in Maple Lake Minnesota, I needed something to do yesterday to get me out of the house, soooo I did this .

I do not normally go for this kind of jewelry making but this was to cute to pass up, I am going to work on a black and white one using small size ribbon instead of leather cording, I want to put a magnetic clasp on instead of a button, by the way Becky made the flower button I used on the end of the coral bracelet, (she is very talented) thank-you Becky for the class and the wonderful ladies I met there yesterday.

If you can see the pewter  and blue charm in the upper right hand corner I did that at Becka Beads last year, I am going to make a pendant and earrings with the brass and gold beads this week, I wanted something to go with my brown suit coat just to brighten me up a little, I will post a picture later this week.

Blessings to you all and thank-you again for your lovely comments on my last post.
Needle and thread are calling.




gracie said...

Glad you are feeling better.

Vickie said...

Glad you are well again.
What great gifts from your friends. :)
That is a fantastic shaker box alternative. I love it. I love how smart you were. ;)

Le trame della Galaverna said...

I am happy that you are feeling better.

Lisa V said...

I'm glad you are feeling better dear friend. I think the Ebay find will be just as lovely as the expensive version, and wow that sure was alot of money for a box.

Preeti said...

Nice to know you are feeling better!! You got lovely gifts in the exchange. It is always nice to find great deals on crafty items, the box is very nice!! Your bracelet is looking beautiful :)
I have so many crafty things on my todo list but I am just not able to move away from needlework for a long time. I should turn a bit cruel to needlework now and force my energy towards other crafty things I want to do :)

cucki said...

Glad you are feeling better
Happy stitching x

Kimmie said...

Awesome bracelet!!!!

I love that little bird. He looks so cute and fluffy!!

Frances N said...

So glad you're feeling better!
I love all your stitching and projects!!! You've been busy!

Tammy Black said...

Hi Catherine,

Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing my link! How kind of you...I TRULY appreciate it :)
Humble Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers

butterfly said...

It is so good to hear you are getting better .
So happy you loved your thimble and goodies I love mine too.
Happy stitching , sending hugs & xxx.

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine!
Am glad that you are better. I like the deal that you got on the shaker box. The stitching is going to look lovely on the top of the box. I cannot wait to see the pincushion when it is finished. The bracelet has a nice color! Lovely items that you received from butterfly.
mini smiles, Conny