Monday, May 18, 2015

Thank-you for your well wish's and a stitching update

Thank-you all for your well wish's on my illness,  am back to work after 1 1/2 weeks, it was hard I still am a little weak but mending just as well.
I have not had a cold or flu or any related illness for over 12 years, the E.R. said I had pneumonia due to the long hours I am working, I do love my job and know the horizon in near for retirement.
Now I did not  do much stitching when I was ill, I was in bed for almost a week, all I had to eat each day was a bagel, jelly and peanut butter, my favorite sandwich.
Even that did not like me but I had to have something, I will maybe never drink a pepsi again, when ill things taste so much different including chocolate, I will maybe return to chocolate someday.
Now on to some stitching, I had done the grass before getting sick, I stitched the house and will start the fence tonight.
So sorry about the shadow on the picture, I am at a coffee shop, the sun is not out and the lightning is crappy here.

This is our little monster trying to get the door open so she can go outside, she is trying to be sneaky about it she looks back at us and stands up a little taller, still she cannot reach the handle.

Up next is a plastic dog we have had for a couple of years, all of a sudden the cat is afraid of this thing, she howls and screams at it so we had to remove it from the sidelite where I have it every year.

This is some of the wonderful gifts that were given to me at the Stitchville Retreat the first week-end in may.
The first on is from a lovely Lady named Kathy S. she gave us a little round container (I shall use for beads), the cool airplane paper clip I will us on my stitching pages, a magnifier and some bubbles how fun is that, thank-you Kathy S. I love the goodies.

Next is the gift LaRue O. gave to me it is a small box with cardboard floss keepers and the box with duel uses, you will see in the next picture.

This is so cool the box flips over and has a pair of scissors inside, oh how I love this set.
LaRue also included a small magnifier it is so beautiful, I love this gift set.
Thank-you laRue.

Well my coffee is getting cold and I want to do some stitching on my break, Happy Spring to you all.



Kimmie said...

Glad you're feeling better! Love the pics of your kitty. Animals are soooo funny! You got some fun gifties!!!

Carol said...

It sounds like you're feeling much better, Catherine! I'm sure it will take awhile to get your strength back, but it will come gradually.

Lovely stitching and the story about the plastic dog made me laugh out loud :)

Enjoy all those wonderful gifts!

Bea said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better - be careful not to over do it. Great stitchy gifts.

Frances N said...

So glad you're feeling better. Sounds like you were really "down for the count"!!!!
All of your stitching goodies are so lovely! What a fun time you must have had!
Your kitty is sweet, and I love the little plastic dog story!!

summer said...

SO glad you're feeling better! slowly getting back into your stitching that looks so lovely. cute kitty :)

Chris said...

Dear Catherine,
I am so glad that you are feeling better. Nothing tastes right when you are sick like that. It will get better.
Your SB stitching is lovely. I love the color of the house. It sounds like your retreat was great.

Preeti said...

Lovely stitching!! Glad to know that you are feeling better:)
Enjoy your gifts:)

Vickie said...

Oh my. You did get pneumonia. I am sorry. I am glad to hear you are mending well. Take good care of yourself now.
Your cat is too funny. ;)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Cats--gotta love their creative nature

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh my Catherine, feel better soon...I love your SB piece :) GORGEOUS!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I am glad to hear you are getting better.

Your WIP is coming along nicely.

Patty C. said...

So glad you are feeling better !!!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

I love cats.
:-) ciao Giovanna