Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Thank-you for all your kind words about my problem with the hacking, as I sit in the Dunn Bros. coffee shop in Alexandria Minnesota after a long 2 1/2 hour trip in minus15 degree weather with a wind chill of about minus 35 degrees I am content, even after spilling my latte, what a mess I made,  I am worried that this world has come to a drastic kind of world  one person turned my world upside down.
I am one who is so skeptical of things like let us protect your world, I mean the company Lifelock, I am not doing an advertisement for them I just want to say thank-you to my wonderful Husband for purchasing this program without them I do not know where I would be today with the hacking, they are fabulous, Mike purchased this program even tho I said no, I am so glad he did it saved us lots of headaches and heartache.
I am again not trying to get you or anyone to purchase this I am just so glad we had it with the hacking of my computer that has all our personal stuff and banking on it.
Now on to some great news, my wonderful and sweet Mother is having a good winter by this I mean the turkey comb injections she is getting are working she has bone on bone in one of her knees, the first injection was a steroid the next three which were one each Monday for three weeks,  they are  working, she has to go back in may for a series of three more, she can almost walk without the walker now I am elated.
I love my beautiful Mother so much, however we did not get along for many years I guess that when you have two headstrong people that do not share the same ideas it can be a bit hard, I am extremely conservative she is a not,   she use to be so  liberal  not anymore, you  see she was at one time a union organizer a women who was very strong in her beliefs.
Now I look forward to seeing her every week-end, she has turned into a hoot, I am so sorry if I hurt any ones  feelings I am just not a union person. I was getting bigger raises before they came in.

Now I have to tell you I have not done very much on the decorating side of the season, last Thursday and Friday I was busy at church with the Christ Child luncheon, I am in charge of the bake shop, wow we make some pretty good money for charity, St. Ignatius Church has been doing this luncheon for 35 years, we get people from far away coming to the luncheon, the dining room is decorated in a Christmas scene this year we did blue in Honor of The Vergin Mary this is her season until Baby Jesus is born, some people were asking why we did not have Baby Jesus in the manger, he comes on Christmas Eve.

I have been working on some exchanges and cannot show you anything today and besides I forgot my camara today.
I plan on working somemore on the needlepoint I won from Edgar over at Blacksheep  Bit of the web, he is a hoot, I hope you follow him.

I hope you all are staying warm and cozy in this awful weather.

Happy Holidays



Chris said...

Great update Catherine! Lots to think about!
Be safe on the roads!

Catherine said...

Wonderful update! Ooohhhh..I thought the teens were cold here ~ anything with a minus before it ~ yikes!