Monday, December 9, 2013

Being Hacked ISHW and a Beautiful Exchange

Hello everyone and welcome to my space in blogland.

I was hacked and had someone purchase itunes worth 50.00 from my Paypal account, I had to change all my passwords, in total that would be 22, they are all different so the process took much longer then I wanted, if you ever get hacked please change your passwords as soon as possible, I was on the computer when this happened so was aware of the theft right away when Paypal sent me an emailthanking me for my purchase,  can you imagine my surprise, what a mess, I even had to go to my bank and let them know what happened, they are keeping an eye out for any unusual activity.

I did loads of stitching on my ISHW weekend, some things I cannot show you because they are gifts and another exchange. 

I stitched this free Drawn Thread pattern for Shannon, on my ISHW week-end I only used part of a pattern,   I found this on the Drawn Thread web site, I used Victorian Motto Sampler Threads and DMC threads, I am not much at  finishing so  had to do this one myself.
I can show you now because she has recieved it.
I need to get another green gift box this one I fell on and smashed before I could get to the post office so sorry Shannon.

                                                            This is the pattern

I was in an ornament exchange with Shannon over at  A Bit Of This and That,  I only sent Shannon an ornament,  I feel bad so will have to send her a special gift, she has a beautiful Heart she  sent me this beautiful ornament and a few goodies, I love buttons and trims and beads all things dear to my heart.

 Thank-you Shannon I love all the things you sent the ornament is so beautiful.

 This is the new star that was made by one of our Parishioners it covers up the Crucifix but lets Jesus figure show through it is really beautiful, this was an idea from Father Victor, thank-you Father for a beautiful display for the Holy Season.

 This is the Nativity we used to have in front of our home, we decided to donate it to Church it really is large there are three hay bales under the building holding it up. I will miss it so much but will be able to see it at Church, some children are wondering why they cannot see Baby Jesus, they are very curious about this, we tell them Baby Jesus comes on Dec. 25 they are okay with this bit of information.

I am so excited about the Holy Season, I love this time of year even the cold is bearable now but only until the first of the year then I want warm weather.

To some of you who have emailed me about my lovely Mother she is doing much better now that I am making sure she is seeing the doctor like she should, she has only been in the hospital four times that is when myself and three brothers were born.

So I want to keep her as well as possible so I may have more time with her she is 83.
Thank-you all y comments in my previous post.
Please stay warm and pray for better weather for us all.

Merry Christmas



Catherine said...

What a pain being hacked!! Luckily you caught it so early. Lovely goodies ~ those ornaments are beautiful!

Shannon said...

Sorry to hear you got hacked!

I'm glad you like the ornament. No need to feel bad about only sending an ornament. I threw in the extra goodies because I was just very happy that you wanted to exchange with me! :)

I love the ornament you sent to me. I hope to have a tree with just reindeer ornaments in the future, so it's perfect! I will be posting it on my blog soon.:)

Hopblogger said...

Wow - I never thought of Paypal getting hacked! Thanks so much for sharing this info. I will be on the lookout for anything that looks suspicious!
Everything is gorgeous! So happy for you all.
The Nativity looks wonderful in front of the Church! I am sure that they love your beautiful donation.
Merry Christmas!
Much love to you and your wonderful family.
Many hugs, Conny

Chris said...

Hey Catherine!
So sorry to hear about you being Hacked. Ugh! Glad that your Mom is doing well.
What gorgeous ornaments both given and received.
The Natvity and the star at the church are so lovely.
I hope that the rest of your week is wonderful.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Oh Catherine, you donated your Nativity...that is sad, but a generous gift, sharing Jesus with your church family! That star above the altar...GORGEOUS!
Sorry about the hacking...that stinks...

Kimmie said...

Gah! Sorry you got hacked!!

Your ornaments are fabulous! And I love your church pics! Beautiful!

Joysze said...

Catherine, so sorry to hear you were hacked! That's awful. I'm glad you were there to catch it right away.