Monday, January 3, 2011

A very large Surprise From Conny

Today I got up to get ready for work at 03:30, I looked outside and sure enough it is snowing, I hate snow, and cold weather
I had to fight traffic to Dr. Burkes hime to pick him up at 0630 to head to a clinic about 100 miles awayI left home at 05:15. We arrived in Olivia about 08:15.
We had somewhat of a bad ride the roads were not the best. Everyone seems to be is such a hurry to get somewhere in a short period of time.
We left Olivia at 13:45 I finally got home at 16:30, to my surprise was a very large package from My wonderful friend who I met through the internet Conny Wethington, she sent me three beautiful needleminders three pin cushions that are adorable, a scissors minder that is in the most beautiful colors and it has two buttons on it one is a sewing machine and the other is a seahorse it is beautiful, she also sent a green hand towel to stitch on.
The magazines and charts total 33 in all, I will be very busy tomorrow looking at the patterns I plan on doing when I get done with the Challenge 15.
Thank-you Conny you are wonderful, may God Bless you with all you want and need in life.
Happy Newyear everyone.

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