Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lovely things

On thursday I was in Alexandria Minn. waiting for Dr. Jay to finish seeing his patients and take him back to Minneapolis, I was having trouble staying warm in my van so I decided to go antiquing, I found a flower flog that I just could not pass up this came with a matching bottom for water, of course I am not going to put water in there I am going to put magnet for needles and store other things in the bottom, I was also lucky to find the small pin cushion chair this is an Avon cream parfum bottle, it had a cigarette smell so I had to wash it for quite a while it was yellow and smelly.

I also found a tea towel I am sending to a lovely man in California, he collects them I hope he (Edgar) posts pictures of his collection someday.

I am working on a work in progress that I am doing for Up For The Challeng 15, I finished the scissors fob Shepherds Bush and now hope to get this Brenda Palmer pattern from the March 2005 Stitchers World ( Mrs. Easter Bunny) I love this pattern I have changed a few things like the color of the fabric and I will be changing the arms and heads to a different thread something fuzzy, I hope it works out.
Stay warm and pray for warmer weather it is -9 degree in Annandale Minn. we have had 53 inches of snow this winter I Hate Snow.
Peace to you all

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