Sunday, January 9, 2011

Challenge 15

Well I did sign up for the 15 Challenge, wow what was I thinking.
I did manage to find 13 works in progress and added two I had kitted many years ago so I think that qualifies for a work in progress.
So here goes

1 A Designing Women-Carol Schmidt
2 Give Thanks- Michaels
3 Easter Flair-Brenda Palmer
4 School Play Angel-Judy Dalvit
5 Easter Parade-Shepherds Bush
6 2009 Scissors Fob-Shepherds Bush Done Finished today
7 April Blooms-Blackbird Designs
8 Christmas Great and Small-Jim Shores
9 Penguin Jive-Ellen Krans
10 All Things New-By The Bay Needleart
11 Americana Roll-Shepherds Bush
12 Long May She Wave-Shepherds Bush
13 Halloween Fairy-Nora Corbett
14 Floral Tapestry Pillow-Marie Barber
15 Halloween Rivelry-Lisa Roswell.
I Hope to star working on the Penguin Jive again tomorrow, I am excited about this challenge I can finally get some things done that I keep putting off, wish me luck.

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