Monday, November 15, 2010

Round six exchange

I had today off so I decided to get a few things done I slept in until 05:30, had breakfast and started ironing the full basket of clothing that has been calling my name, Mike was almost ready to go to work in sweat pants, so I just had to get this task done.

I went to the cemetry and put up two small trees on the unborn child monument, said a few prayers and went home.

I went to the mail box to get the mail I had not expected anything coming my way what a great surprise I had when I opened the large envelope with a most beautiful pinkeep, from Sarah she did the Unicef Of Pinkeeps Blackbird Designs the colors are beautiful, along with this lovely pinkeep is a 3 inch square for measuring fabric edges, a positively georgous skein of northern lights thread the color is Plantain its stunning, a package of hot chocolate (I will enjoy this tonight while I am stitching) a lovely notepad and from my most favorite coffee shop Starbucks chewing gum.

I feel positively spoiled Sarah you are so wonderful I am so lucky to have had you as my exchange partner, THANK-YOU Patricia our intrepid leader for picking Sarah for me.

Thank-you again Sarah it is beautiful.



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