Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Organizing my beads

I spent four hours organizing my beads and tools for beading I feel much better now.
I was at the point of pulling out my hair everytime I wanted to make a bracelet or earrings, I just had too much in too many places.
I feel like a new women only for a short time, when you get past the age of 50 new only last overnight.
I am in the process of making three scissor fobs, I will be mailing them out sometime next week. I donot know why the letters in this post decided to change they did this on their own.
I am on vacation this week but decided to put in some hours this week and maybe next week. ( I feel so wanted when I am called to work on my vacation).
It was storming today I only asked God for rain not tornados or high winds, I must not have made my request loud enough. Two semis were turned over on their sides do to the high winds.
I really need to sit down and do some stitching I need to
put a few stitches in on a project I am working on soo have a great evening.
Stay safe.


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