Monday, January 25, 2010

Today I have the day off due to the fact no cardioligist are not going out to greater Minnesota.

So I decided to take a real good look at the largest stitch project I have ever taken on.

I really like this pattern, the only problem I have is the beading, boy you really need to be careful or the beads start to turn sidways.

I am considering taking off the bead and go with cross stitches.

I am pulling my hair out.

I did manage to finish another project, I made a roman shade for the large window in the family room, what a job that was.

It is now snowing and the winds are about 23 miles per hour, my husband is in Iowa and it is worse there. stay warm my honey bunny,

KQRS is on and playing Aerosmith I really like this band.

The dog and cat are sleeping together, this is not the norm.

They hate each other, since peanut has become sick (Lymes disease) she only has a small window of time left, we will not get another dog it is just too hard to know that you lose a member of the family even if it is a dog its your child.

Verne the cat is so much loving to her, it is very touching.

I think I will go on a weather man hunt and ask if he needs a lesson in giving the correct weather report, yesterday he said that the sun will peek out, well we are waiting.

If you are not a fan of The Twisted Stitcher please look her up she is so funny and full of info.

Stay Safe and warm.


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