Friday, March 1, 2024

Some Finishing

 Greetings Everyone: Thank-you for your comments on my last two posts, I will send out thank-you's soon.

I have given up stitching for Lent, it has been two weeks and two days, it has not been easy, but thinking what Jesus Christ did for my sins I am able to make it through the tough time of not picking up needle and thread, I will really appreciate the needle and fabric in my hands after Mass on Easter Morning.

I have been sewing and finishing cross stitch that I have done in the past, the pile is starting to go down, finally, they are simple finishes' but still constructed items.

First up is a Brenda Gervais that I stitched I am not sure maybe two years ago, it was a pattern I was able to rescue from the stash relocation table at Needlework Guild retreat that year.

So sorry about the crappy photos, I think my battery is going dead, I really like constructing these two they are so sweet

This is a Scattered Seed Sampler Club design, I do not remember when I stitched this I do love the pin cushion on the end

I used a different ribbon, I had lost one of the gray ribbons I think the cat dragged                       one away and hid it, she like to collect items for herself

I do not have a hard photo of this design, it was found in the stash reallocation pile with out the cover photo, I turned it into a pillow for my basket
not sure of the designer, I no longer have the pattern
I need to add buttons on the end of the vines, I just realized I did not do that

I stitched this last year it is a design from the Wishing Thorn, I really like her designs, she has some amazing Samplers

It was stitched as a Sampler on her site but I preferred a barrel

This is a free pattern from Hands On Designs, I was not going to stitch a Valentine design this year but Vickie over at put a bug in my ear when she asked if anyone was stitching Valentine designs this year, thank-you Vickie
I did add the ribbons they are different from the design

This is a design which is free from
They have some very lovely samplers this was free design
I made a simple finish

This is one of my favorite designers, she has all kinds of designs from quilts to cross stitch, I did my rounds a bit different than her finish, Brenda has an amazing talent for finishing

This is an Erica Michaels design, for some reason I made the tip a bit pointy, I do want to make more strawberry's for my basket of strawberry's
hopefully after Easter

I bought this from Jerome Thomas designs not realizing it is a 9x9 design, i think it is way to big for an ornament I will sew it onto a pillow form and use it on our bed at Christmas

I won this design from the Country Stitchers on You Tube
I am a big fan of Pineapple anything, will stitch this onto a small pillow for the pillow basket.

I watch several You Tube stitchers this happens to be my number one to watch, do you watch any You Tube or Floss tube videos? just curious

            Well, that is enough for today I hope you have an amazing weekend

Thank-you from my heart for following me and commenting



butterfly said...

Some beautiful finished work Catherine.
Enjoy a lovely weekend hugs June.

Pamela said...

Congrats on all the finishes!

Marilyn said...

All of your finishes are so pretty.
Yes, I do watch Flosstubers, probably too many! :)

Toki said...

Hello Catherine. Even if you are not sewing anything new at the moment, the pieces you have made so far or those in progress are still worth seeing.
Very great.😆
But you've made more works, and I'm sure you have a lot of kits in your hidden room waiting for their turn. You're going to be busy after Easter Mass.
Please take care of yourself and enjoy sewing after Mass.😊

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So many sweet finishes and some fun designs. I'm sure you are feeling the withdrawal from stitching but you can console yourself with all that you're getting out of your to-be-finished stash.

Sandy said...

All of them are so pretty. I especially love the Valentine's finishes by Brenda G.

Carol said...

Wow! So many beautiful finishes, Catherine--and such a lovely variety! I think all of us should give up stitching for a while--perhaps we'd actually finish more things :) I'm pretty good at finishing my smalls right away, but anything larger, I tend to procrastinate badly. Anyway, I especially love your With Thy Needle heart finish and the drum that you created from The Wishing Thorn pattern. I hope you have a wonderful month ahead! ♥

marly said...

What wonderful finishes! I do like your drum finish better than a sampler.

Sounds like you're feeling better and getting lots accomplished. Good for you!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your finishes look fantastic! I've been pawing through my "to be finished" box this weekend and maybe hope to get 1 or 2 done in the next couple of weeks! Thank you for the inspiration!

Katie said...

All your finishes look great. I've took two days off now and I am dying to stitch today haha. So amazing you can do this challenge. Good luck.

Love your other crafting for now though.

gracie said...

As expected, your stitching and finishing is lovely.

Stasi said...

Wow, so many wonderful finishes, Catherine!!! You have been a busy bee! Congrats on the win from Country Stitchers.

Astrids dragon said...

Oh wow, you certainly were productive! You have so many gorgeous finishes, but I must say "Love is Kind" is my favourite finish!
I only watch YouTube if it's a finishing tutorial.

DJ said...

Wow your stitching is lovely, and your finishing is AMAZING!! I could take a few lessons from you that's for sure! Your pin drum is just lovely, along with your heart finishes. That was a feast for the eyes!

Vickie said...

My friend, I am SO far behind in blogging! Love is Kind is wonderful!! :)

Vickie said...

I forgot! Brenda's Be My Valentine is very, very precious. You did an excellent job on it.