Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The Scream Heard In Annandale Minnesota

 Greetings everyone: How about that title? I was working on a project that has the elongated bullion knots, I practiced so many times thought I had it down and then no such luck when working on the design, so, I am going to do a spider web or add a large button to fill in the area.

This is a kit I got from the stash relocation table at retreat last year, it was one of the kits from a fellow Guild member who sadly passed away, she was a wonderful and generous lady, we miss her so much.

This is the Pin Pillow, I love the Spider Web stitch in the corners


I bought this design from The Wishing Thorn, Birgit has so many lovely designs, I am not sure how I                           will finish this on, I stitched it on 28 count unknown fabric with DMC threads.

This is a Lizzie Kate Snippet Merry Ho Ho, I did not add the Merry Ho Ho, I wanted to keep it small to fit in a small frame, maybe.

I also made another Christmas ornament Little House Seasons Greetings 

                       This is such a sweet design, I stitched this on 30 count unknown fabric both Christmas                                                     patterns are from stash relocation at Guild retreat last year

I fully finished the stitch along with Helen D on Youtube
It is a October House Strawberry Faire

I also finished constructing an Easter design I found online not sure of the designer, I stitched it on 32 count unknown fabric, I love this bunny I stitched it last October and constructed it in April after my last post

I have been very busy spring cleaning which comes with doing the woodwork trim dusting, washing windows, wiping down wall to make sure there are no cobweb, I did find one a very small one thankfully, I washed the back deck and the front porch got the summer furniture set out and cleaned them, planted lots of flower pots along with the other things in my gardens
Everyday I go out and spray the boxelder babies, it sound cruel but they are a menace here in Annandale, Minnesota, I use Dawn soap and water, it is safe and works so well

I want to thank you all for your Prayers and Blessings on Mikes health, it has been a battle, he is having surgery on his back the end of the month, I hope this helps with some of his pain
I will send out thank-you's this week for your comments on my April post

In my next post I will have a photo for Toki over at
I will also have a photo for Jeremiah who's mother follows me

I feel bad I have not been commenting on your blogs of late, I am going to try harder to leave comments more often

Have a wonderful day



Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks like a fun project - but I agree, bullions aren't always cooperative.

Vickie said...

Wow Catherine, you completed some lovely stitching.
I hope and am praying Mike's surgery gives him relief from his pain.

Carol said...

You sure got a lot of stitching done, Catherine, in addition to all that spring cleaning! Love those spider web stitches! I have only done them once, but remember how pretty they turned out so I'll definitely look for a piece that has them in it. I like your LK piece much better without the words--so cute and the LHN Season's Greetings piece is one of my favorites.

I am not familiar with box elders here in PA--are they a tree or a bug?

Back pain is such a difficult one to treat and I hope and pray Mike gets some relief from his upcoming surgery. You take care now and enjoy your day. ♥

butterfly said...

Wow Catherine you have some wonderful stitching finished , I love all what you have stitched .
What great charts .
Sounds like you have been busy with your cleaning .
All the best for Mikes surgery, and that he will be pain free very soon.
Have a wonderful week , hugs June.

Marilyn said...

All of your stitching is so pretty.
Ooooo, your Spiderweb Roses are perfect!
Indigo Rose had some very pretty designs.
Don't you miss some of the past designers?
We also spray for Boxelders, they come out when it's sunny & warm.
When we had our windows & patio doors replaced, they found a whole colony living in the channel of the downstairs patio door! We vacuumed them up, & they filled the whole vacuum canister!
Now we only see a few outside, hubby sprays for them.
Take care!

CathieJ said...

Oh my you have been busy. Your housekeeping list made me tired. I love all of those little projects that you have been working on. Woodland walk is so pretty and delicate. The Merry Ho Ho Santa is cute as is the other ornament. I hope Mike's surgery is successful. I will be praying for the best outcome. I will be looking forward to your next post. Hugs!

Stasi said...

My but you've been busy Catherine!!! The Indigo Rose piece is lovely. I find I have Stitcher's block on certain stitches like the hedebo and the spiral trellis. Sometimes, practice doesn't make perfect!!! LOL
I love the Woodland Walk piece and the Christmas ornaments are so cute!
I hope you can now relax after your spring cleaning.

Sandy said...

Don't you feel bad one bit about commenting. I am right there with you most days. Good intentions, but life gets in the way. I do hope Mike's surgery goes well.
Where do I begin with the stitching. That first thing is just plain lovely. The Santa is so cute too.

Toki said...

Hello Catherine.
You did a lot of work.
Some finished products and work to start.
I love woodland and off bar house strawberries.🍓At the same time, you also worked hard to clean your house.
And, Thank you for introducing me to your blog.

I hope you and Michael have lots of time to spend with a smile.😊


marly said...

Lots of eye candy! I used to do spring and fall cleaning faithfully. Since hubs retired, my routine of many years is gone. Hope Mike's surgery offers relief! Please let us know.

gracie said...

Absolutely wonderful stitching. I understand the commenting part. Sometimes I just read, then get distracted and before I know it poof, I am someplace else.
Good wishes for Mike.

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Love all of your are so them....

Hope that Mike's Surgery goes well....keeping him and you in my prayers....

I have a Blog and it is called I hope that you will follow me.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Linda K, Buttercup

Katie said...

Beautiful work on everything. So many gorgeous pieces.

Astrids dragon said...

How did I miss seeing this post, so much lovely stitching!
Your October House Strawberry Faire is finished beautifully.