Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Finally A Post

 Hello to all my beautiful followers, it has been a very busy January and February, Michaels surgery last week went well he is home and relaxing.

This is an exclusive from Traditional Stitches, it is a Jeannette Douglas that was slated to be released in 2020 for Traditional Stitches 20th year anniversary, it is so much prettier in person, there may be time to get the pattern and fabric if you check it out soon.

                             I really like this design I will be constructing it maybe tomorrow

This is the backing fabric I will be using for the Liz Mathews class I took with Stitchville USA in 2020
                   I have finished constructing the pin pillow but want to show the set all at once

This is a design from Tiger Lily on YouTube, you really should visit her, she is a hoot with loads of          energy, this is a free pattern for the asking, I hope you visit her, I will be done stitching Mrs. Santa today

                         And here is Mr. Santa all stitched, I hope to construct them both today

I bought this from Stitching Fairy on Etsy, she is the designer with the adorable black cat designs on her blog site and on Etsy, I hope to start this one today after finishing the stitching on Mrs. Santa, I am not                           sure which fabric or thread colors I will use maybe a mix of pinks and reds

I finished this design, which is a freebie from Brick City Cross Stitch, they may still have the pattern, this design was gifted to me by one of the Partners In Crime Chris

 https://needleandthread.blogspot.com please visit Cathy at this site she is the other half of Partners                  In Crime, they are both a hoot Cathy post her stitching and she is amazing on finishing

I plan on constructing this today an easy and fast finish, I did cut the fabric too small but have an idea                                                                                 for  the seam

This is the design from Just Another Button Company Just Desserts club, I have not started any of the                                     three I have so far, I hope to start them soon, I find them adorable

         I started following  HelenD on YouTube, she has a great video, I like her style, this is a SAL                 at your leisure, I bought the pattern from Cobweb Corner recommend by (HelenD) she also has a                               YouTube site, I am not sure what fabric I will use but have an idea it is so pretty

These I have added to my baskets of things I want to stitch; I am not going to do the Christmas Promises on white fabric maybe a cream color the white is just too stark for my liking, this was a freebie from                                                                   stash relocation at Guild retreat

I love these beaded kits so much I give them for gifts but now want to do a small tree for the bedroom of nothing but beaded Santas, this was a freebie from stash relocation at Guild Retreat last year

This is such a pretty design I would like to follow as other stitchers are doing and do a Christmas design a month, I am so behind in my Christmas stitching that maybe doing one a month will help me get                                                                                     caught up

Well it is dark hundred the dogs have been walked breakfast has been eaten and now for some stitching                                             on Mrs. Santa, I wish you all a very stitched filled day



Pamela said...

Glad to hear Mike is doing well. You have a lot of cute designs. I’m sure you will have them finished soon.

marly said...

Wow! That a lot of goodies! I love that soup can and the berry design.

So glad Mike is doing well! I hope all the surgeries and procedures are over and you two can relax and recoup.

Sandy said...

I am so glad Mike finally had that surgery and is doing well. I know that is a load off your mind.
There is so much eye candy in one post. I am going to go check out the Youtube video and that strawberry and bird pattern. Such lovely things.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh wow - so many pretty designs to work on. You're going to be busy for awhile. I like doing small projects and I'm looking for a new design to play with. To that end, one of the bloggers posted a link to Bothy Threads and I just lost a significant amount of time drooling over their offerings. You might want to take a peek (but be warned - you'll need a cuppa AND maybe some bread crumbs to find your way back out...just sayin')

Magpie's Mumblings said...

oops - didn't mean to publish that comment twice...sorry!!!

Jackie's Stitches said...

You have been very busy! I can't wait to see your projects FFO'd. So happy to hear your husband is doing well after his surgery!

Stasi said...

Glad to hear Mike is recuperating well. Thanks for sharing so many pieces by designers I am not familiar with...at least I think so! LOL Looking forward to your finishes!

butterfly said...

So happy your hubby is home again with you and recuperating form his Op.
Your stitching is just wonderful and you inspire me with all that you stitch .
Some lovely charts there to work on have fun hugs June.

Toki said...

You do a lot of great work in your busy days.

As a beader, I am very interested in bead kits.
I look forward to seeing you enjoy finishing your lovely creation.

I hope you and Michael have relaxing days.

Marilyn said...

Prayers for Mike's continued recovery.
You have some great projects going!

Rita said...

Wow, a lot of beautiful stitching!

Clare-Aimetu said...

Good to read Hubby is doing ok, a super selection of stitching

Astrids dragon said...

Glad to hear his surgery went well, I hope his recovery is quick.
So many lovely pieces to stitch, Mr & Mrs Santa are so cute! The Cream of ORT Soup is too funny, I'm looking forward to seeing that finished.