Saturday, October 1, 2022

Just A Little Stitching & Finishing

 Hello my dear Friends: It has been a rocky month here in the Laurent home but still livable one.

I have done some stitching and finishing and hope to get more finishing done, I have so many projects from years ago that are sitting in a pile in my sewing room waiting to be constructed or framed, I am so behind.

 This is my Patrick's Woods needle roll which I finished stitching now I need to finish the rest of the pieces that go along with it.

This is the fob that is attached to the roll-up ribbon
I will finish stitching this tonight

This is the roll-up; it is a lot smaller than I expected

I hope to have all of the design finished and constructed next week

I was able to construct the Pin keep and scissor fob and hope to get the rest of the set finished this week
This is from Brenda Gervais's Valentine Sampler
I need to get coordinating fabric to finish the rest of the pieces

          I added the glass heart and ribbons I thought it was a little bare without something added
I need to add the ribbon for the scissor fob, I did do a stuffing instead of a cardboard finish on the fob

I did finish constructing this design, I am not sure when I stitched it or the designer

As I was going through my ribbon and trim drawer I found this package from JC Penny's, I remember when Sears Robuck and Co along with JC Penny's sold fabric, ahhh the good old days are greatly missed

Just think 13 cents for trim was a lot of coin way back when

Just a few cartoons to make you smile

It is gloomy and sprinkling today, we have a pig roast/birthday party to go to this evening, it is only 65 degrees and a little windy brrrr
My dear friends in Florida and the east coast I am sending thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy recovery after the storms hit your area



Heritage Hall said...

Hi Catherine ~ Thank you for the heads up... I purchased that beautiful
scissor case from your friend on Etsy (mine had two layers ?) and he included a Ukrainian banner as a token of kindness... So sad what is
happening in that dear land. Enjoy this lovely Autumn.

Susan Zarzycki said...

I love the little pillow! So cute! I love our cooler weather and am trying to get some Fall cleaning in the house done. I have a tendency to sit and knit or get stuck in a book instead of getting myself out of the house to enjoy Fall. 💖

Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

Very pretty projects.
That fabric for the Patrick's Woods piece is gorgeous!
I too have a pile of "to be finished" projects. :)
It's been sunny & in the 60's here the past few days, cold at night though.
I remember my Aunt taking me to Woolworth's for my 1st cross stitch project.
It was stamped pillowcases, but I learned well on those, then we crocheted the edging on them.
Those are some cute funnies!
Prayers for Florida.

Pamela said...

Very nice stitching! I am a fan of little toolie things and you have some nice ones!

Terri D said...

Catherine, your work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos! xo

butterfly said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing.
Hope you have a good week hugs June.

Katie said...

Beautiful work and finishing! Love the pumpkin design. Haha love the cartoons.

Sandy said...

Such beautiful work. I probably have a few things in my stash that old as well. When Mama moved down here she had tons of stuff she didn't want anymore, so I went through and pulled out lots of trim, elastic and such that I kept. I am sure there are some wrappers around some of that stuff that was pretty old.It seems September gave us all a month. Hoping for better days.

marly said...

You always do such lovely projects. It will be 51 here today.
I do remember JCP's fabric department!! Forgot all about that until you mentioned it. Was on the second floor and Mrs. Rieber was in charge! Oh my. That was SOOOOO long ago. My aunt worked at Grant's and I still have a few thread spools with their logo.