Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Some Stitching And An Above Photo Of the Fire-pit

 Greetings to all my followers the ones that comment and the ones that do not comment, thank-you for following me.

I have a few finish's, some I hope to have constructed very soon, I just need to find time to do so.

First up is Scattered Seeds Sampler Home Sweet Home, this is one of four auto ships from Tammy Black Scattered Seeds Samplers Designer

I really like Tammy's design's, I sometimes change up the colors as i did on this design, I
 am going to make this a stand-up finish.

I will be making the heart shaped pin cushion and hang the bird charm from it.

Up next is Cathy Haberman Snow On The Ground, I received this pattern from a stash relocation pile last year, I am only doing the house which I changed up a bit, I did a different color on the quilt square  and a few other things are different, like the door and window placement.

I really like this design, it is so sweet, I have met Cathy, she is an amazingly nice Lady, she has some you-tube videos out. This is the front door.

                                                        This is the back door see the change?

I also have a love for With Thy needle And Thread designs, Brenda Gervais has some lovely designs.
This is the Happy Birthday America, I love this design, I just need to order the ball trim.

                                                                     Such a sweet design.

I will post photos of the fire pit and one of my gardens on Friday, I will also post photos of my hanging and potted plants I have had a few request for photos.
My heart goes out to all the states that are having fires, such a loss, it breaks my heart to see this happening.
I hope you all are doing a load of stitching and getting some relaxing time to your selves.



butterfly said...

Oh Catherine what beautiful stitching , I love the little house .
Have a wonderful week and enjoy more stitching Hugs June.

Pamela said...

You have some cute designs in the works. I really like that house.

Stasi said...

Lots of great finishes there Catherine...looking forward to seeing the final project!

Marilyn said...

Great stitchy projects!
We have had storms here in WI lately, & very hot.
So sad when you hear about all of the fires.

Mary said...

Well, you certainly have stitched projects that I wish I had time to do!! Love the Tammy Black and Brenda has been my favorite designer since I started stitching. I might just have to order that 1776 kit, I love the finishing fabric. The HOD design is sweet too!! Looking forward to seeing you fire pit and finishing!!

Sandy said...

You have been busy. All are so adorable. I always love seeing gardens and can't wait to see your firepit.

commenter said...

I’m impressed by your blog. Absolutely amazing work.

marketer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

I love the projects! They are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the fire pit and other things you have going on. Keep Stitching :)

Jackie's Stitches said...

Sweet finishes! I stitched HB America too. I love the way the speciality stitch provides texture and dimension!

Terri D said...

Hello Catherine. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today! I am not a stitcher but appreciate your talent and love seeing my friends' stitching projects come to life! Nice to meet you!

Vickie said...

Oh such great projects Catherine! I look forward to your next post. :)

Carol said...

These are all such cute projects, Catherine! I especially love the Happy Birthday America design. Have fun with your finishes and I look forward to seeing your fire pit. Enjoy your week ♥

Faith... said...

It looks like you have been very busy Catherine. Home Sweet Home looks so sweet! I love your changes on Snow On The Ground it looks absolutely great! Looking forward to your pictures.

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Robin said...

I really like your Scatter Seeds finish. I may have to think about joining one of those auto-ship clubs. I thought the projects were all big ones and figured they were sit undone. These seem to be the perfect size. I had a class with Cathy H. for the Snow on the Ground piece. It is a pretty, different from my usual, piece. Great finish on Happy Birthday America. I now want to stray from finishing half done projects and start on that one. Looking forward to see your yard photos.

Yes, our hearts go out to the fire victims, flood victims, and the poor people in Haiti. Disaster seems too often hit the poorest of the poor.

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