Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I Am Going To Try Again And Post Photos Of Stitching

I am working on a Hands On Design Cathy Haberman, this was a freebie from a stash relocation from a retreat in August last year.

Not sure why the camera is giving me such horrible photos, sorry, I really like this design but am only going to stitch the house on one side I will do a diamond design on the back like the one above the windows.

Up for my next project it is Blue Ribbon Design, Belinda is designing some really sweet designs,  I am looking forward to doing these, I need to look in my stash for fabric,  threads and ric-rack.

I have also in my stash to do pile  a Scattered Seed Samplers Design, I love Tammy's designs also.

I am also going to do some other smaller designs,  these are Kitty 😸 Me designs, I love these fruits, I am not sure how I will finish them, I am so in love with the water melons.

Well its warm here which I do not mind I like the heat and not the cold, yes I am an oddball because of that, at least my Mother thought so, giggles.
We are still making changes to the backyard, we are putting in a fire pit and sitting area, I will have an almost finished photo on my next blog post.
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, I am trying to add followers blog address's so people can see who i follow, now I get something that makes no sense, (help)
Stay well and safe it is a different world now.



butterfly said...

Wow you have some beautiful stitching going on.
Love the house at the top .
So sorry you are having some trouble with your blog .
I always get in a mess when putting my posts on , they keep changing things I get so mad
Hope you get it sorted soon. Hugs June.

Marilyn said...

Great stitchy projects.
Can't wait to see your new patio.
Stay safe!

Pamela said...

I miss that America too.

Gorgeous stitching, in progress and planned. said...

Love the designs! Looking forward to seeing the progress :)

Mary said...

Gorgeous patterns, my favorite are Tammy's though...her designs speak to me! Enjoy the rest of Summer!

marly said...

I'm confused, but we all know that. Under the veteran's photo is your long blog list, any that I click direct me to their site. At the very bottom of that right column is another title "blog list" that is to the right edge and showing nothing. So I'm sorry I can't help because I don't know what I'm looking for!

Faith... said...

You have a lot lined up for stitching. I really like Hands on Designs charts so I will be looking forward to seeing that one! I love the fruit designs! They are so cute.

Carol said...

Such pretty projects, Catherine! I, too, like the heat--just not the humidity. Today it is 88 here, but it doesn't bother me at all because the humidity is low :)

Sounds like your backyard is going to be your own personal oasis--I look forward to seeing the fire pit! Enjoy these last few days of July! said...

Sent you an email for help with blog follow

Robin said...

Love the new Blue Ribbon Designs. I too like the heat. It’s not too bad if you start out early in the morning and let it climb as you work. And yes, I do have a pool to jump in and cool off. I just like being outside even though we have had some high temps on the east coast. Looking forward to seeing your new fire pit area. It’s fun to create little vignettes in the yard. So sorry your are having issues with blogger. Sometimes I have found, not always, but if I log in from Google versus Safari, things work better.

Tiffstitch said...

Nice start on the Hands on Design, that will be a fun finish when you get there.

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