Saturday, January 16, 2021

So Today The Blogs I Follow Are Not Showing On My Sidebar

 I am not sure what is happening but all the blogs I follow are not showing on my sidebar, now I have to get on the ball and find blog address and reinstate them.

What a mess.



Pamela said...

Strange things happening on the blog are so frustrating! Hope you can get this worked out.

Susan Zarzycki said...

Blogger is so frustrating, isn't it? A couple of months ago I had all my comments deleted to about 6 years of my blogs!! I wish there was an easier, more user friendly way to blog.💖

butterfly said...

I wish they would leave things how they were and stop trying to change things .
I always call on Jo she always helps me ,
I keep losing my photos now , they use to go in my folders .
Take care hope you get things sorted .

Marilyn said...

That's Google for ya!
Hope you get everything straightened out.

Sandy said...

This new blogger has been challenging. I have taken the month of January off, so I have not even tried to do things, but I was frustrated before. Google may be getting tired of blogger. Who knows? Hang in there.

Faith... said...

You are certainly having a time with your blog lately. Hope you get it straightened away soon!!