Thursday, January 14, 2021

Lost Followers

 I was looking at my blog yesterday and noticed that some of the follower address's I had on the side of my page are missing, I am so sorry for this not sure where they went, it must have something to do with google messing around and trying to fix something which is not broke.

I am slowly accumulating names and address's to add to my sidebar.

It is snowing and raining today pray for the safety of everyone out today.

Please Pray for our country, we really need the Prayers now more then ever.

Hugs to everyone



CathieJ said...

I don't know if it is that I changed over early, but I have not had any recent problems with Blogger. I am so sorry that you are.

Marilyn said...

Google does weird things sometimes.
We were predicted 3" of snow, but only got a dusting.
Yesterday the sun was out for awhile, other than that such gloomy days.
Have a great weekend!

Robin said...


The Liberty Belle said...

I love a day that offers wintry mix. It's perfect for hunkering in with a good book and a hot comforting sip. I hope that the day finds you enveloped in peace, comfort, and love.