Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Some Gifts And 45 Minutes Of Stitching

I am amazed at the generosity of the Blog world, I have seen in Blogland that many of us are gifted lovely items such as the gifts I received from two lovely Ladies.
One is from Sandra Carstairs who I found on Pinterest, she graciously sent me a pair of lovely scissors, some thread I am very anxious to use and a very sweet patter that I hope to stitch by Thursday. Thank you Sandra.

Then on Saturday I received a beautiful beading book from Gracie over at https://needlespinsanddragonflies.blogspot.com
This is an amazing pattern book, thank you Gracie.

I added just a couple of photos to show you how lovely the beading is.

I have stitched today for only 45 minutes, so much has to be done here, Mike had his eyes dilated, I had to drive him home, his glaucoma is holding steady, he has been taking Focus Select that the Doctor recommended.

I love Tammy’s design, she can be found at https://scatteredseedsamplers.blogspot.com

I want to show you my sister in law and great nephew 
feeding a giraffe it was amazing, I also fed the birds in a cage, they tried to eat the crystals off my sandals.

This was fun, I will show a photo of the birds eating my sandals on my next post, my sister in law has to send me the photo.
Be safe have a lovely week.



Robin said...

Good luck to your husband with his eyes. And remember, every stitch counts. A few here, a few there and before you know it......that’s one thing I like about blogging.....I can see how fast and far I have come on a project. And I agree, the people in the blogging community and crafting community are the best.

Stay safe and keep cool in this summer heat.


Pamela said...

Sweet gifts and a lovely new project!

butterfly said...

Lovely gifts from friends .
Like Robin said a few stitches a day will go a long way .
Enjoy your day.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful gifts, that beading is gorgeous!
Nice pics of the Giraffe, so awesome.
Prayers for Mike.

rebelrosecreations@gmail.com said...

Beautiful Gifts! I look forward to seeing your progress. Prayers to You & Mike

Stasi said...

Lovely gifts received, Catherine....bloggers are very kind and generous. Enjoy every stitch, no matter how many!

Tiffstitch said...

Great start and what lovely gifts! Stay well.

Vickie said...

Every little bit of stitching is a joy. :)
How fun to feed giraffes!

Jackie's Stitches said...

We can feed the giraffes at our zoo and I LOVE IT! So very cool!

Such great gifts from your friends. I'm glad Mike's glaucoma is holding steady.

Elfie said...

I've had a lovely visit today. Those beaded spheres look amazing - they would make gorgeous Christmas tree decorations - or mobiles. I did an overnight stay at Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo a few years ago, and feeding the giraffes was one of the things I enjoyed most.

Mary said...

Such lovely gifts, the Scattered seeds is charming. Mike must be relieved that his glaucoma isn't progressing. Hope you both take it easy and stay well.

marly said...

Oh wow to pet a giraffe! We used to have a wild creature place here that a train went through but no exotic or very large animals.

Yes Tammy has darling designs.

The Liberty Belle said...

Looking forward to seeing the photo of the birds going for those crystals! It so nice to hear that you received such thoughtful gifts. I love it when good things happen to good people. Wishing you the best.

Faith... said...

Very nice gifts Catherine! Itty Bitty Honey is cute! Awww I love the giraffes and how cool it is that you can feed them. Glad Mike's eyes are doing good.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely gift, the beading looks great. I hope your DH is ok. I'd love to pet a giraffe.

DJ said...

Wow, you sure got some lovely gifts! The bead book looks amazing! Love your stitching on the Bee Skip!!

Astrids dragon said...

It's always nice to receive crafting gifts, you got some nice ones!
Nice start on Skeptical Gatherings, love those bees.
What fun to pet a giraffe, lucky them!