Saturday, May 23, 2020

A Fully Finished Design & More Stitching

Happy Memorial Day:  It is a long weekend for some who are working, for some its just a normal weekend.

I have a fully finished design it is a Betsy Morgan design Helping Hands Designs  I took the class last year in Madison Wisc.
I love this finish

I am so happy this is finished, I do not do good at finishing but I have to bang my own drum, this turned out perfect for me,  do you see the wax roll by the mini ruler? that was made by rolling the wax and adding two flat buttons on each end

This is the inside of the needlebook, I did add the ribbon for the closer, it did not require one, I like the ribbon on the book

Drawn Thread 

This is a  design from Drawn Thread  I stitched this way back in 1/8/14, I sure am slow at finishing, I hope to get all my finished stitching constructed or framed soon

This is a Lizzie Kate which was a gift to me, I love this Verse, I am gifting this to the Priest at our Church, he is leaving us next month

I need to frame it, I want to have it professionally  framed as soon as Joann's can take me, soon I hope

This is the pin pillow which i will save for myself, I just need to add the beads on the strawberry's 

I am excited to show you what I won over at Donna's blog site,
Stop on over and see what Donna is up to, I hope to start stitching this one this week, i want to make two for the candle holders for Christmas on one of my tables

It is very gloomy today, cloudy and rainy, it is a good day to do some stitching and finishing., I plan on starting the fully finished on the Blue Ribbon Design with the beautiful Peacock set I stitched.
I hope you all are soon back to normal in your states.
Have a beautiful weekend



marly said...

Catherine your finishing is superb. Always! Go ahead and bang that drum. I'm sure your priest will treasure your gift, it's lovely and so appropriate.

Rita said...

Truly fantastic finish with all the bees'

Vickie said...

You did an excellent job of finishing Catherine! I love your choice of gifts for your priest!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

They all look beautiful! You did a great job!

butterfly said...

Wonderful work , you have done a excellent finish .
All your work is so beautiful.

Sandra said...

I would much rather be stitching that doing assembly, but the finished results are usually worth the effort. I try and get lots of finishing done during the colder months when I can't get out in the garden. Have a great day.

Marilyn said...

The Betsy Morgan piece is beautiful.
What a great gift for your priest.
Our state is partially open, but not much in our town yet.
Have a great Holiday & week!

Mary said...

Catherine, Your finishing is excellent!! That is such a pretty set of stitching and who doesn't love bees? Your priest will treasure the gift and the LK is so sweet. You are getting so much accomplished! Stay well, Mary

Stasi said...

Catherine, all your pieces are beautiful but the Bee Contained...what can I say? Perfect!!!

Sandy said...

You really outdid yourself on the bee stitches and finishing. IT is fantastic. I love that verse stitched up too. That will be a great gift.

CathieJ said...

Catherine, you did a beautiful job finishing that Betsy Morgan design. It looks like it was quite a lot of small pieces. I love how you finished the Draw Thread design. What a wonderful gift for your priest. I will be a fond remembrance of his time in your community. That candle mat design is very pretty. I will enjoy watching you work on it. Good luck getting your finishes done, when starting new projects. LOL

Barb said...

Beautiful finishing. What a great feeling.

Julie said...

The bee project is absolutely stunning.

Astrids dragon said...

Wow, your bee finished look amazing! You can't say you don't do good at finishing anymore.
Your autumn pillow finish is so sweet and delicate.
That will be a lovely goodbye gift for your priest, something to treasure.
I see more finishing and stitching in your future, yay!

The Liberty Belle said...

Oh my! Everything is just adorable. I feel certain that your priest will love the gift before he departs. How thoughtful of you!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Your work is outstanding! Truly a master with a needle.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Hi Catherine, thank you for offering to stitch a flower, through your kind gesture I found your blog. Your stitching is beautiful, as is your finishing.

Lynn said...

Hi Catherine,
I love all of your beautiful finishes but particularly fell in love with the Bee Contained set, it is wonderful! The finishing is gorgeous.

Carol said...

Oh, Catherine, your bee set is just so exquisite--so beautifully stitched and finished. You've really outdone yourself. Beautiful month of stitching and I hope June is filled with even more for you ♥

Jackie's Stitches said...

Catherine, your Bee Contained is AMAZING! I have it stitched but not started the finishing. Any tips? How many hours do you think it took! I'm SO excited for you!