Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Beautiful Package From Lynda Ruth And Some Stitching

Hello to all my faithful followers, I have not been very good about posting my goings on, however I have been having problems with commenting and posting, for some reason I can only comment to a few blogs then nothing.

I want to show you what the beautiful Lynda Ruth over at sent me when I guessed the closet to her stash of patterns and magazines. I am very lucky.

I am totally loving my gifts, Lynda Ruth is a very generous Lady. I have to start the Snowman design soon.

I have many hand towels I want to stitch with flowers, these books are perfect, many designs to choose from.

I love the bird house notebook, and the grease board which is perfect for my sewing room.

  I have to tell you I have wanted to buy a fruit knife since I had a friend use one, they are perfect for cutting fruit, I have used this one for my apple today, loom at the beautiful fall napkins perfect.

Many people would use the bags here for make-up, I am going to use them as thread bags for my projects.

This is a beautiful piece of fabric I am a sucker for fabric, the Aida will be used for a design I have in mind, I have it in my to do basket.

Another project bag my small Q-Snaps fits perfect in this bag, look at the great booklet for keeping  notes and dates.

I have never used one of these before, however I will, Mike and I take a 20 minute nap everyday, this will be perfect.

 Do I really need to explain this, I love candy and candy loves me, I am chewing a Werther's as I type this post, yum.

Now this bag will be perfect when we take a road trip next year to Canada, I have Canada on my bucket list.

Lynda Ruth crocheted or knitted this lovely piece, it is perfect for my counter, I have my spoon jar resting on it, the large jar is the color of the brown in this piece, I love it.

I see that this butterfly booklet can be used for beading patterns which I will get to hopefully soon.

I did have a finish  finish, it is a design from Lynn over at I enjoyed doing this design, I hope you like the finish simple but perfect for me. We do not celebrate Halloween, however I do love this design, it is the only Halloween item in our home. I just love the Black Cats Lynn does.

I do have more to tell you about but will wait for the next post, thank-you for visiting.



Vickie said...

Wow! Lynda Ruth was generous indeed! Very kind. :)

Dianna said...

What a nice package! I bet that brightened up your day. :) I hope you have a wonderful one.

Sandy said...

You did receive a great package. I love looking through old patterns. I think that is a great idea using the bags for floss.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I am so glad you liked all I sent.I am glad you can find uses for everything. Enjoy everything. Big hugs. love Lynda Ruth

marly said...

Wow. Lots of goodies!

butterfly said...

Lynda is such a sweet friend with a heart of gold ,her gifts are a real delight .
Enjoy your gifts .

Pamela said...

What great gifts! You are very lucky indeed! I also like Lynn's cats.

CathieJ said...

Congratulations! What a great group of goodies you received!

Marilyn said...

What a nice package you've received.
Those Cats by Lynn are too cute.

Meg said...

Happy Mail! What a generous gift!

Marti said...

What a wonderful gift!

Have you tried commenting with a different email? Sometimes it is the email that keeps me from being able to comment, so I put in the noreply-blogger one and it works every time. Good luck with that, I know how frustrating blogger problems can be.

Astrids dragon said...

OMGoodness, Catherine, so many sweet and thoughtful gifts!
I love your finish, it turned out great.