Tuesday, September 24, 2019

My ISHW Progress

Jo over at: serendipitousstitching.blogspot.som  is the Hostess of the International Hermit Stitch Weekend, you stitch the third weekend of each month then go to Jo's site and click on the participation link.
I hope you join each month.
Jo has many beautiful designs going, you should stop by her Blog and say hello.

I did work on my Boo a design from Lynn over at: http://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com
Lynn has many lovely free designs and some for purchase in her Etsy shop, another blog site I encourage you to check out and say hello, P.S. I have bought things from Lynn, she ships fast and does beautiful work on all her items.

Well here is my progress:   So sorry about the wrinkles, this one I am stitching while holding my hand, it is a small piece of fabric, not big enough for any of the stitching frames I have, the cats butt looks like a cup with a big handle, I hope to have this finished tomorrow evening, this will be finished into a flat-fold and given as a gift for the Bingo game next month at retreat.

I sent Gracie some beads for a project she is working on, I never pay full price for beads or gems of any kind, I use coupons, thrift stores and big discounts, that way I have lots to choose from when creating something and sharing.

Its kind of a mess this is the only messy part of my studio, I can close the door but know what is exactly where I want it, easy to find, the plastic box's I bought at Menards, they work perfectly for beading and floss cards, I keep my floss in box's just like this, they are cheaper then the ones at Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Crafts Direct.

This is Blondie The Cat, she gives me this look when she wants something like a treat, we cannot say treat anymore because she has figured that one out, plus I watch the crabbiest woman on TV every day her name is Judge Judy, she sure can be crabby, getting to the point I cannot say Judge Judy time because the cat and dog know that is their dinner time, it has become a time when we have to spell out treat when i or mike ask if they have had a treat yet they soon will figure that one out too I am sure.

I was asked at Church by Father Stueve if I would wash the towels, Purificators and Corporals, the linen that has cross's on them that are used during Communion, I am honored that I am trusted to do so, it is a process, the Purificators and Corporals need to soak for four hours then be washed alone dried and then ironed, I am so proud to be able to do this.

Well its time to make a Latte do some more blogging and surveys, I get points which I turn into Amazon money, I love doing them, I have done this for over ten years, some I qualify for some not.
I also do the national Consumer Panel, I get point for keeping track electronically, they give a scanner which you scan each item with, it is amazing how fast points add up.
If anyone is interested please send me an email, I will let you know how to get in touch with them and you can ask questions.
Thank-you to all who stop by, if you leave a comment on my blog I can then find your blogsite and leave comments.

Have a lovely week


Marti said...

Oh that look! I get the look and loud meowing when I ask if Buddy is hungry. People often say that cats and dogs can't understand words, but I think they haven't had either. I know Buddy can understand many words and it's not just tone of voice. Poor Judge Judy, now she's the dinner time lady. lol

You work fast, I can't believe you have done so much in just a few days.

Pamela said...

Your Halloween piece is very cute. Your kitty is just adorable!

gracie said...

Just look at those beautiful eyes.... oh Blondie! Thank you or the beads ad I will let you know when they arrive. Love that kitty butt!

Marilyn said...

Boo is cute.
Those little boxes look perfect for storage.
Blondie is too cute.
Yes, cats & dogs are very smart & know what you are saying.

Stasi said...

Catherine, Glad I found your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. I tried to reply to your comment but kept getting an error message. Looking forward to following you.

Linda said...

Nice progress on Boo Catherine. Your cat is adorable. What a face. Love your organized drawers.


Carol said...

Love your sweet kitty, Catherine! I miss mine so much, but at this stage in our lives we are traveling more and don't plan on having another pet until we are staying home. Your Boo is growing nicely! I just finished a small Halloween piece--not need to fully finish it :) Enjoy your day!

Meg said...

Your post made me smile. 😊 My dog Scout knows a few words that, when we say them, have him jumping up and down and running in circles. Walk. Treat. Cookie. Greenie. Thing. Yes, “thing”! As in, “Scout, do you want your THING?” He knows that means treat. Every evening at 5:30 pm he gets a Greenie and I think his whole life revolves around it!

Sandy said...

Love the cute Halloween stitching. I used to do surveys for Swag, but it got to where I never qualified and they cut back what was available so I deleted my account. Is that whom you use?

Sandy's Space

Dianna said...

I love how you have things organized! And what a blessing to your church that you have the expertise to wash their fine linens. :)

Faith... said...

Boo is looking great! Blondie is adorable. Our dogs know the "T" word too. Now I just say "has anyone given the boys anything?" and I am waiting to see how long until they figure that out. Love your drawer of goodies ;)

Edgar said...

"BOO" looks super!!

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Hi Catherine, say hello to Blondie for Jasmine. Don't forget to email me your address so I can send you your gifts for winning my contest. big hugs Lynda Ruth

Crocette a gogó said...

Hai scelto bene, il disegno di halloween è simpaticissimo. Anche il tuo gatto è adorabile.
Buona giornata

The Liberty Belle said...

Very nice! The kitty is a cutie too!

Astrids dragon said...

And here's more of Boo, I love it! You're right, kitty does look like a tea cup!
Oooh, look at all those beads, plenty to keep you busy with that lot.
Awe, such a cute pic of Blondie the Cat, she does look like a smart kitty, with just a touch of trouble?
I've tried survey's before, but unfortunately end up getting bored. I'm glad it's worked out for you though!

Edi said...

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