Monday, July 8, 2019

It Has Been A While

Thank-you for all your comments in my previous posts, I really am thankful for them.
I have had a busy month, many graduations, 90th birthday party, 50 wedding anniversary party, our 42 wedding anniversary, painting the bedroom which was a chore, working on the railing and floor of the deck in back which is 52 feet long with extensions. a car accident, (I was driving) a deer decided to land on my car,  and of course I did  some stitching.

I was able to almost finish completely constructing my Jeannette Douglas project from last year, I just need to add the ribbons on the needleroll and finish stitching up the ends.

                                                                Pin Pillow

Scissor Pocket which I love, however I did not like working with the silk duponi.

                                                                   Six Sided Cube

                                                                   Scissor Fob


                                                                      Needle Book

                                                                The Box Top

I finished stitching the Scattered Seed Drum, I forgot to take a photo of it before starting construction, so sorry.

 So sorry about the crappy photos, I need to press this before  finishing, I have a sleeve for ironing, its an antique but works for ironing anything that is round and you do not want a crease.

I am going to a Betsy Morgan class in Wisconsin this week, I am going to leave a little early so I may check out Lynn's Shop in Madison and spend a little or lot of money.
I have some pre-stitching to do, I am not sure I like the black stitch's for framing, I may just change it to a lighter color, it is just to much for me.

I will be taking two classes, I am really excited about this, I love Betsy's designs.

I am looking forward to seeing some of the other stitcher's  that I have stitched at other retreats.
If you ever get a chance please do a retreat it is so much fun meeting people from other states and I have met a few from other countries.

Well its time to stitch some and then off to bed, I worked at the Food Shelf today cleaned out their freezer in the front of the store sorted donations and put on shelves, it is busy on Monday mornings, we open in the evening on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday mornings, I truly enjoy volunteering there.
I hope the storms stay away from the south east coast and the fires in Arizona do not hurt anyone.

To you all



marly said...

Beautiful collection and finishing. LOVE that scissor pocket. I don't like anything silk, not with my Velcro like hands. Your project choices are always unique and to a stitch wimp like me, unattainable!! Always a delight to see.

gracie said...

Goodness, such beautiful projects. One day I would love to attend a stitching retreat.

Ricami di Marula said...

Ma quanti bei lavoretti. Sono tutti adorabili. Molto brava a confezionare tutto !!!
Saluti dall'Italia

Marilyn said...

Gee, you've had a busy month!
That Stitching Box & all of it's accessories is to die for!
Great job on that finishing.
The Drum is also so pretty.
Sorry a Deer ran into you, that happened to my husband about a month ago too.
Seems like people aren't hitting deer, Deer are hitting people!
Wishing you the best of time at Lynn's for your class, and have fun shopping!

Sandy said...

Wow, you have been a busy lady. I adore all your finishes. You outdid yourself on all of them. Super stitching box. I would love to go to a class. When Tucker gets a little older I am going to have to travel to one!

Vickie said...

You have been keeping busy with such pretty,pretty stitching Catherine!

Mary said...

You have accomplished so much despite your hectic schedule! Such exquisite finishes!! I'm always impressed with these smalls and they look so difficult to construct. I would need an intensive class! I would love to go to a retreat with classes...maybe someday. I really love the bee themed one your will be taking. Hope you have a wonderful time and find lots of great things to buy on your shopping trip. Mary

butterfly said...

lovely post , you sound like you have been so busy.

You have some lovely designs that you work on.

I would love to join a retreat with you how wonderful I wish we had them here .

Enjoy your week hugs.

RJ said...

Hi Catherine!

Oh I just love your stitching. It is so pretty and delicate. I especially love the top of the box...gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful time at the retreat...I know you will. Fun, fun, fun! I would love to meet you at one of these one day.

You have been very busy lately but always find time to do good for others. Thank you for all you do. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Pamela said...

I love little toolie things! I wish I could join you in these two classes.

Linda said...

Congrats on all of the amazing finishes Catherine. Have fun at the retreat.


Carol said...

You certainly have had a busy month, Catherine--and yet you've had time to make such lovely, lovely pieces! I'm sure you'll love your classes, too.

So sorry to read about the deer and your car. That is a constant danger in our area, too--way, way too many deer around who have gotten so used to humans that they no longer stay in the woods. Hope you weren't hurt at all...

Faith... said...

You have been busy. Lots of great stitching and I absolutely love that six sided cube. Enjoy your classes and try not to spend to much money!

Karyn said...

You get the award for great stitching while busy busy busy! You are amazing, Catherine, and every finish is gorgeous! Your classes sound like so much fun, and I know that you will have a great time. I keep meaning to sign up for a retreat, but they come and go and I don't...oh well. one day LOL.
So sorry about the deer and your car, though you made me giggle with your description...
hopefully you and your car were unhurt!
Safe travels, and I can't wait to hear about your adventures when you return.

Julie said...

A busy time for you, but still lots of lovely stitching and finishing... beautiful.

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