Saturday, September 1, 2018

Just A Little Sttiching Beading And Other Things

This past couple of months have been very trying, my father had an accident and while doing the x-rays they found a mass on his lung.
Last month it had not changed, this past week it has gone into his liver, he is such a wonderful man a inventor a great step father to Mike and his sisters, just a wonderful person, please keep him in your prayers.

Soooo last Wednesday I was able to get some stitching in, it felt so good to have needle and fabric in my hands, I worked on my class project from June, normally I would have had the stitching done by now but life comes first.
This is where I was:

This is where I am, there are lots of very small items to stitch, I really need to get on the ball.

It really is a beautiful set, I only wish Jackie had better photos of finished items.

Loving this flower so pretty and dainty or should
 I say delicate.

I did make a new bracelet, I peyote stitched around carrier beads, the video can be found at Potomac Bead Company on Utube.

I love this bracelet, it is so much prettier in person sometimes Google does not do a good job on photos.

Well its time to go and sell tickets for the meat raffle, the Lions here in town, the money raised this evening goes to the Knights Of Columbus, I may have to have a margarita after the raffle.
Thank-you for stopping by, I will send thank-you emails tomorrow for my last post.



Terri Patillo said...

My prayers for healing and comfort for your father and your family. God Heals the body and soul. My own Mom remains in Neuro-ICU with meningitis -- so I know this is a difficult time for you.

gracie said...

Oh my friend, I am sorry to hear about your dad. My dad had a similar experience many years ago. He went to have a shoulder xray and they found a tumor on his heart. You just never know. I will keep all of you in my thoughts. Love the bracelet and will check out the video.

Marilyn said...

Your class project is going to be so pretty.
That bracelet is gorgeous!
Prayers for your father.
Take care.

Mary said...

Catherine, I will keep your father in my prayers, it certainly has been a stressful summer for you. It helps we have hobbies like stitching to keep our mind off our worries, even for a short time. Your bracelet is lovely, I'm in awe of how you complete these tiny works of art. Lovely stitching too. You certainly are a patient person. Enjoy that margarita!! Mary

Vickie said...

Catherine I am praying for your father. I love that bracelet.

Linda said...

Lovely stitching and very pretty bracelet Catherine. Sending hugs and happy thoughts for your father.


Julie said...

Sending good wishes for your father.
Beautiful bracelet you have made, so pretty.
The little flower is very sweet.

marly said...

Sorry that your father is having this health crisis and hoping for better news.

Preeti said...

Your stitching and bracelet are beautiful and delicate work! Sending prayers for your father.

butterfly said...

Your Father is in my prayers right now .
Beautiful stitching and I love the bracelet.
Hugs to you and your family .

Carol said...

Oh, Catherine, I'm so sorry to read about your father's health problems. Will certainly keep him in my prayers! I hope your stitching and jewelry making will help you relax a has been a hard year for you. Take care now!

Faith... said...

Pretty stitching Catherine! Sorry to hear about your FIL I will keep him in my thoughts.

Marti said...

I love your bracelet! Can you make a ring like that too? I am so sorry to hear of your father. Is he getting treatment? My prayers are with him, and you.

Rita said...

What a lovely bracelet!

Hope your father will get better soon.

RJ said...

Dear Catherine many prayers being said for your Dad. I know how heartbreaking that can be and stressful too.

I love your delicate and pretty stitching...just perfect in every way. And your bracelet is gorgeous. You are so good at it. I hope your crafts give you some relief from all you are going through. RJ

Brigitte said...

Your class project has seen much attention, great progress so far. And yes, the little flower really looks delicate.
Sorry to hear about your father.

Barbara said...

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Kaisievic said...

Oh Catherine, I am sending healing hugs and prayers to your Dad and you and all of your family. Look after yourselves, my dear and remember that stitching soothes the soul.