Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hello my Dear friends

Thank-you all for your wonderful comments on my last post, I found  an Ebayer that had sold the pattern for the Robin hood pattern, however I did ask her to get back to me about who the designer is, this person has not responded as of yet, however I did respond to the person on Facebook and she took the post off Facebook, what is that all about, I was just trying to help, maybe she was just playing with people on Facebook to see what kind of response  she could get.
I would still like to know who is the designer.
I have been busy with stitching and beading I made a bracelet in blues which I just love, I may wear it out soon. See my little feet?
Then I decided to make some simple ornaments for the Santa Shop for next December at Church, they are just simple ones but rather pretty in person.

They are much prettier in person, I plan on making more but different and in different colors.

I have made lots of progress on my Scattered Seed Pillow, I am loving this design, I hope to have it finished tomorrow evening and then I plan to construct it on Thursday.
I found this great pattern at a quilt shop, I am doing my own colors for this, it is suppose to be inserted into a tin, I plan on making 10 to give to the Santa shop at Church, I just need to dig out my super small buttons for the flower tips.
Well I do have more to show you but do not want to drag on so will post again on Thursday.
I hope you all are having great weather, this winter has been awful in some parts of the country, I feel so bad for the east coast and southern states with all the crappy weather they are getting, the up side is snow will be a memory soon.
Thank-you for visiting and leaving comments.


marly said...

I missed the Robin Hood post so I checked back, no help for you! Lovely bracelet.

Marti said...

That is a beautiful bracelet. I'd wear it out too if I were you. Bare feet look cold this time of year, but I guess you are somewhere warm.

Marilyn said...

Your crafts for the church are so pretty, love the sheep.
Great progress on the SS piece.
Take care.

butterfly said...

Lovely post again lov the little sheep so sweet.

Brigitte said...

That blue bracelet looks wonderful.

Vickie said...

You have been busy!! Your bracelet is stunning!!

RJ said...

You are so talented Catherine. I love your blue bracelet and your new bead ornaments are perfect and will sell well. I love the one you made me for Christmas. It sparkles and looks so pretty. Love how your stitch is coming along too...you are one busy lady. RJ

Preeti said...

Your bracelet is very beautiful!

Joysze said...

Cute ornies, Catherine!!!! That little lamb is adorable. Have you worn your bracelet yet?

Faith... said...

Pretty bracelet and I love the pieces you made for the Santa Shop. Our weather in AZ is rainy right now but the sunshine will be back soon!

Carol said...

So many beautiful creations you've shared with us, Catherine! The bracelet is truly lovely and I like the piece you are stitching. It is 60 here in western PA today--a tease of spring, but it is a welcome relief after this frigid winter we've had :)

Penny said...

I love your beaded pieces, Catherine, so pretty! And your little sheep piece is adorable. : ) I've been surprised at our lack of snow this winter. It has certainly been cold, though.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Church is indeed a Meg Evershed of Nutmeg Designs. I found scanned pages of her book in Russian!
Here is the Amazon link to the Russian version of the book:

Not very helpful but at least you know the name of the designer now.

Robin said...

You are so talented! Love the beaded bracelet. I bet the Christmas ornaments you beaded will look great as they catch the light. The sheep is adores too. Such a generous heart you have Catherine.