Friday, February 23, 2018

A New Start And A Finished Stitch

Greetings to all: I am so sorry if I have not emailed you thank-you's for your comments on my last post, I am telling you the truth I have been busy with some stitching and beading and sewing,
plus I started my spring cleaning ewww.
First some news on the weather front, we have not had much snow but now Mother Nature feels its time, we have 5 new inch's on the ground from the last day and a half, with 3-6 inch's coming this weekend.
I am suffering, really suffering, I gave up chocolate baked bakery goods, Granola bars and my favorite Pepsi, it has not been easy, some of my friends who do not go to Church ask why I give them a lesson on how I need to do this.
Anyhoo, I did have a finished stitch.

I Started a new design, I bought this about seven years ago, while cleaning up and getting rid of crap in my sewing room I found this, I am loving this design, it is a Nora Corbett Design, it is working up faster then I expected, just five hours with breaks in between stitching and this is my progress.
It is called: Little Snowy Church, not sure where I will be hanging this, maybe in my sewing room and bringing it out in the winter.

This is from Scattered Seed Samplers, it is the "Midsummer's Day" Tailors Roll & Needlekeep Necklace, I love this and hope to get it constructed this weekend.

I did make another bracelet, just messed around with a few beads, it is a lot prettier in person.
It is so light weight it almost feels like there is nothing on my wrist.

My Sister in Law is coming over for lunch and beading on Tuesday, I love getting together with her, she is a boat load of fun.

I am going to a Minnesota Needlework Guild event next weekend, it is the Race To The Finish event, it is supposed to be a time to get all your UFO's finished, but I really do not have any, I always finish a design before starting another, I think I will take lots of silk  pins and pin together some of the designs I have waiting to be constructed, then when I get home maybe I will have the incentive to
construct them when I get home on Sunday.
I hope you all are having great weather, we are for now but the clouds are moving in slowly.
Please I beg you to Pray for all who are ill, please ask God to heal them.



Ann at Beadlework. said...

Your bracelet is very pretty, lovely beadwork.

marly said...

With all the snow, you're stitching a beautiful snow scene. Personally, I've had enough!

Marilyn said...

Great projects.
The bracelet is beautiful, as is all of your beading.
We just started having snow this month also.
A lot at once, now the rains came and everything is flooding.
A lot of roads are closed, and yards are swimming.
The sun hasn't been out for almost a week.
I don't like this gray weather, it's depressing!
I do hope Spring comes soon.

Vickie said...

I am fasting for Lent also. I miss cheese the most.
Love the snowy church! Your bracelet is beautiful. Thank you for your prayers Catherine.

Linda said...

Lots of pretty stitching Catherine. Love the bracelet.


Heritage Hall said...

Ever notice how good you feel after Lent for having
given up the "treats"? Wonder why at Easter we cannot
wait to dive right back in....will we ever learn? LOL
Love your new projects.

Marti said...

LOVE the little snowy church. I would leave it up all year. Good for you giving up all the chocolate and Pepsi. I was a Pepsi addict for years and finally (because of health issues) gave up caffeine. I hated to give up the Pepsi, but a month or two later, I indulged, and it didn't taste good at all. I hope you find a comfort food to fill in during this snowy weekend.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I stitched one of the Little Snowy Cottages a couple of years back. They are lovely designs if you don't mind Krienik! Fortunately I like stitching with it.

RJ said...

Great new stitches Catherine. I love your pretty snow capped church. And your bracelet is beautiful...what a pretty color and design. Can't wait to see your stitches done as I know how wonderful they will be. Hope your weather gets warmer sooner. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

butterfly said...

Lovely Stitching love the church . Your bracelet is wonderful , you do have so much talent .
Enjoy your Sunday.

Frances said...

You have been busy with your stitching! Everything is so pretty!
You really made tough choices for Lent!! I applaud your success! Easter will soon be here! I’m getting final touches on music in a fast and furious way!!
It sounds like your stitching group is fun. I wish there was a group down here. (I guess there might be, and I just don’t know about it, but I don’t think so!)
Have a good weekend. It’s warm here and I’m getting my patio in shape for Spring!

Mary said...

Catherine, I'm so impressed that you don't have UFO's to finish!! Can I send you some?? lol
You certainly have been busy!! Your newest sampler is lovely and what a great start on that pretty church. I gave up soda a few years back and I'm so glad I did. Maybe you won't go back to drinking it, it really is terrible for us. I won't say that about the chocolate though. Lets hope Spring comes soon, I'm sick of this winter as I know you are too.

CathieJ said...

I love that church picture. You really have made great progress in a few hours. I used to be like you with only one project in the works at a time. I want to try to return to only one project of each genre at a time soon as I think I will be happier with my progress then. I am looking forward to seeing the finish Tailors Roll and Needlekeep.

Preeti said...

Snow cottage design looks lovely :) Cute bracelet !

Rita said...

What a wonderful church!