Thursday, September 7, 2017

Another Contructed Piece

Hello My Dear Dear Friends: First I want you all to please I beg you to pray for the safety of the people and animals in Florida, Irma looks to be a devastating hurricane, we must not forget about Texas and Louisiana if you donate please make sure it is a reputable organization, I am giving to the Salvation Army, they do such great things for humanity.
Now I want to show you my latest finish  I did stitch this back this summer, it is a Tammy Black  Scattered Seed Samplers Design, it is called ''Tea Time'' Kettle Mat, it is 5x5 and just the right size to hold my tea cup with jasmine tea.
I am not sure why I have not posted any photos before I thought I had.

This is Blondie in the Family room waiting for the fireplace to be turned on it was cold here this morning 45 degrees, brrr

I am going to start stitching this after I stitch a project that Kim over at last year she sent me a lovely porcelain box and a Shepherds Bush Kit. Please stop over to her blog and see what she is doing now. Amazing simply amazing.

This is another ornament I stitched back in 2016 I think,  I like the chenille around the ornament it reminds me of snow.

Well its Thursday and I need to clean today, I clean the bathrooms and kitchen on Wednesdays and the rest of the house on Thursday, I plan on stitching this evening when watching Project Runway, however this may be the last year I watch they seem to think some of these designs are wonderful however I have other ideas about some of them.


Linda said...

Congrats on the lovely finishes Catherine.


Heritage Hall said...

Just love the snowy chenille trim....going to try it on a few of my ornaments ready for completion. Agree with you about Project Runway... when compared to those of a
few years ago, the designs that became classics are no more. I should think the
designers that can educate are out there, but the taste of the buying public has
diminished and precluded investment in quality apparel.

Vickie said...

Your finishes are great Catherine, but I really, really like the way your snowflake pattern turned out with the chenille!

Pamela said...

Beautiful stitching. I too like the chenille snow around the ornament!

RJ said...

So many lovely finishes Catherine. I too think the chenille trim looks wonderful. Look forward to seeing how that kit looks so pretty and such a lovely gift. Happy stitching. I'm so happy to see you back posting ... you were missed. We are very nervous about the hurricane headed our way. Our car is filled with gas and packed but they say the traffic is only going 4 miles a hour on the freeway so how long would our gas last. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever.

butterfly said...

Lovely finish love the edging .
I am praying for all of these poor people .

Marilyn said...

All great finishes.
Love the Scattered Seed designs.

Preeti said...

Beautiful finishes! The chenille border is an innovative idea:)

Mary said...

Oh, what lovely stiches all!! The ornament is so pretty and great finishing. I hate yet to use the chenille but love the look. The button bag is adorable and I can't wait to get a fire going in my fireplace too. I am loving the cooler weather.

Rita said...

What a sweet winterly finish!

Brigitte said...

Tea Time is such a lovely finish and it must look great when you are sitting at your stitching place having a cup of tea and the the cup on this sweet place mat.
Great ornament finishing and you are right, the chenille looks a bit like snow :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You really have been busy! Love the Sweetheart Tree and the beautiful trim.

Von said...

Congrats on some lovely finishes! I love the chenille trim on the little ornament!