Thursday, April 20, 2017

Do You Like My New Header?

Greetings everyone: I have been very busy getting my spring cleaning done, today would have been my outside clean the windows day but it is raining, we need the moisture so I am not unhappy, the farmers need it the most to produce crops to feed us.

I have been stitching, I finished my class project from Blackbird Designs Retreat, I just need to put it together which will happen this evening, I did change out the colors a little on the square design, I wanted a little more of a brighter color.

This is what it will look like after construction, this is a photo from the model from Retreat, used with permission from Blackbird Designs.

I will be starting a new design this evening, it is what else a Brenda Gervais  Design, I love her designs.

Today is cleaning day, almost done just need to do the floors now, which I hate, vacuum and then mop all the floors are wood so its like doing the floors twice.
Then I will make a latte and relax a little and read.



Linda said...

It looks great Catherine.


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

I love your relaxing piglet. Nice

Vickie said...

My daughter and I love the piglet! You already know I love the BBD!! Enjoy your latte and your book. :D

RJ said...

Oh my the little piglet is adorable!!! It put a big smile on my face. Your BBD is going to be beautiful. It's a true beauty. RJ

butterfly said...

I could do with doing some spring cleaning but will have to wait till I have more time.
Love your stitching it's going to be so beautiful .

Marilyn said...

Love it! Too cute!
Can't wait to see your finishes of a pretty design, and what Brenda Gervais piece you select.

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful stitching and I hope the finishing comes together easily.

cucki said...

its looking so sweet..i love it.
sweet finish.
hugs and smiles x

Faith... said...

I look forward to seeing your work on this piece, it is so pretty!

Love your piglet basking in the sun too :)

Von said...

Love your new header, Catherine! Looks just like I do soaking in the sun! Lol!