Thursday, April 13, 2017

Some Stitching A Retreat and Just A Little Stash

Hello my dear friends: I am stitching up a storm, I am so sorry I have not emailed you all and thanked you for your comments, I have been busy, you see the snow is gone and I have been spending time outdoors and coming in to stitch and stitch some more, I know it is not a good  excuse but it is true.
I had the pleasure of attending the Stitchville USA Blackbird Designs Retreat last weekend, Barb and Alma are such a treat and so sweet.
They tell us stories about their lives and how they met, they have been best friends for many years.
On Thursday many of us meet at the conference center and have a fun night of stitching and dinner, there were about 30 of us this year, all the Ladies are a treat to see and stitch with, some of them are stitcher's for some of the designers that we buy patterns to stitch from, oh my many of them are some of the best stitcher's I have met.

The class was an amazing event, we started out painting a heart shaped box sanding it and then waxing it, the frame was done the same way, so sorry you cannot see the green paint on the side.
The top is from a piece of paper copied with the antique stitching from the antique sampler they used to create the Sampler, as you can see from the pattern face sheet.

This is the Lily Of The Valley And Blossom as The Rose  designs we started to stitch on Friday afternoon, I did finish my Lilly Of The Valley and need to frame it, I have started to work on And Blossom as The Rose, I will finish it this weekend, hopefully

  See the color of the frame that is what my frame looks like, I am in love with that color green.

So sorry about the crappy photos, no sun and bad lighting in the house make for horrible photos.

I also bought some stash on Thursday before going to the conference center, Mike gave me a gift card for Stitchville  for Christmas, so of course I had to spend some of it.
I had to buy the Hats Off To Uncle Sam pattern, Blackbird  Designs had the hat and pin cushion on display for us.

I also bought Lady Liberty which I just love, it is a beauty.

Well I do have more to show but do not want to make this a long post.
I will stitch some more this evening and post again maybe on Saturday.

Blessings to you all that Celebrate Easter


Linda said...

Sounds you had a great time Catherine. Love your new stash. If you want to join my SAL next year you don't have to work on a big project. They can be any size you like.


Marilyn said...

That sounds like a fun time with great designers.
Nice stash.

cucki said...

wow they really so beautiful.
i love your stitching so much.
happy easter dear x

Vickie said...

Oh Catherine, the Lily Of The Valley And Blossom as The Rose designs are so beautiful. Love the colors.

Rita JG said...

All is so beautiful Cathrine. You had a great time at the retreat too.
Happy Easter!

Christina said...

Beautiful stitching, Catherine. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I wish I lived a little closer, I would love to attend a retreat!

Preeti said...

You had a great time bonding with creative friends and making beautiful things. Enjoy your stash!

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine!
The retreat was a hit this year! So many lovely things you are showing us. Love the hat! and Lady Liberty!
Much love,