Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Just a drive by post

It is snowing lightly today it is very pretty, but the roads are slippery, Mike is shopping for his Father today and I am home waiting for ATT to come out and put in the new box's for our t.v."s yahoo, we bundled and boy did we get a deal, we do not have to pay for channels we do not use,  60.00 yep 60.00 a month for satellite t.v. yahoo we were paying 145.00 a month what a rip off for two years we get a great price of 60.00, it was worth the change.

Now on to stitching news, I received the new Scattered Seed Samplers Gate Keeper Pinpoke, I love this simple but lovely design, it even has little keys to attach to the finished pillow, Tammy has such sweet designs, she is working on a Sampler I have to get, I hope she finish's soon so I may order it.
Her is the new kit I will start working on next week.

I have not done much in the stitching  way this past week, we were moving my Father-in- Law into assisted living he loves it and now its is  hard to get him out to lunch.
This evening Mike teaching  9th grade Religion CCD.
I will be busy stitching on my Paper Snowflakes design yahoo.
I would show a photo but nothing has changed since my last post.

I had trouble with my camera (my own fault) and now want to show you what my wonderful neighbor Cheryl made for me for Christmas a kitchen towel with the shape of the state of Minnesota, I love Minnesota just not the cold that comes with the sate in the winter ugh. I love this towel, I had to promise I would use it and I am, Thank-you Cheryl my dear friend.

In a couple of days I will show you what Mike bought me on Sunday for my birthday.
I hope this day finds you well and stitching, knitting and having a good day.


Bea said...

I am so happy for you that your FIL is happy with his move, it's so much easier on you all.

Love your towel and I'm glad you're using it.

Delightful new pattern - you'll enjoy stitching that one.

Vickie said...

What happy news about your FIL. What a good man your Mike is. You have a nice gift from a nice neighbor. :)

Linda said...

Great chart and towel Catherine. Happy to hear your FIL is doing good with his move.


Preeti said...

The chart and stitched towel are beautiful. Good that your FIL is happy with the new place.
Not sure whether your Bday was on Sunday or going to be on coming Sunday.

Marilyn said...

Glad your FIL likes living there.
Tammy has some cute designs.

gracie said...

Good news with the bundle deal. Sorry I missed your birthday, but Happy Birthday to you!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Good luck with your bundle--we had one and it was a disaster--you begin at one price and it goes up up up

Penny said...

Happy Birthday, Catherine! Can't wait to see what you got! : ) That's a sweet kit -- I love Tammy's designs. I'm glad your father in law seems to be settling into his new surroundings and is happy. And what a thoughtful gift from your neighbor!

Von said...

So glad your FIL is enjoying the assisted living home! That has to make you feel good too.