Thursday, April 14, 2016

Some stitching & A Little Beading

Spring Greetings my dear friends, I hope this post finds you well.
Three weeks since my last posts time does fly by.
The first weekend in April I went to Stitchville USA's Spring Fling, this year the teacher was Betsy Morgan of Willing Hands Needlework Designs, I am in love with her Designs.
This year we were the first class to do the Bristol Sampler Stitching Bag.
I was almost not able to make the class because of a wedding, but that was changed, so lucky me there was one last spot left when I called back in the late winter.

May I present Bristol Sampler Bag, this is Betsy's set, I needed to take a picture to show you what it looks like finished.

Mine is in the stitching state yet, I did finish the needlebook and the  pin cube, I love how small they are.

So sorry the pictures are so bad, not a good day to take pictures, it makes the needlebook look kind of goofy.

For the
 binding, I used a different kind of ribbon a gossamer ribbon which I like better then the one that came with the kit.
The Pin Cube is so small, that is a nickel sitting next to the cube, we had stuffing for the inside and coins, I used 56 cents to give it weight.

This is the bottom of the bag, again you can see the size of the triangles next to the nickel, I had to take apart two of the triangles they just did not match up like I would like them too.

This is the stitching so far on the bag and other little items, I hope to have the stitching done tomorrow evening, I then can start to construct the bag hopefully.

Deb really knows how to spoil us at her Retreats.

Again Deb at Stitchville USA has done it again, the gifts were wonderful.

Her are two very special lady's, Deb owner of Stitchville on the left and Betsy on the right, two extremely nice lady's, a real pleasure to know.

Again I am beading, I love beading but not as much as stitching.
This will be a pin like my green one from a previous post.

It is late so I need to get some sleep, I hope you are all in good health, happy stitching.


Linda said...

Lovely stitching and beading Catherine.


Marilyn said...

What a great project, glad you were able to go.
And a very pretty pin.

Preeti said...

That looks like an interesting weekend!! I love your tiny cute needle book and its stitching :)
Your beading is awesome!! I thought of giving a try to this craft as well but seems it requires lot of patience. Do you follow any design patterns or make your own ?

gracie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the retreat. Love the project. Interesting beading also.

Vickie said...

ooOoo! What a cool pincube! That beading is gorgeous my friend!

marly said...

What a gorgeous set. Those tiny pieces are about the size of my arthritic finger joint! Beautiful work.

Le trame della Galaverna said...

So beautiful

Penny said...

Some beautiful stitching, Catherine! The retreat sounds like fun.

Bea said...

What a lovely project!

Kaisievic said...

Your stitching does not look wonky at all - your retreat sounds like it was lots of fun - you lucky duck you!

CathieJ said...

I'm not sure I would have the patience to work with something so small, but your stitching and piecing is beautiful.

Carol said...

So glad you enjoyed the Stitchville retreat, Catherine--it really looks like fun and your gifts are wonderful. Lovely work on the set so far!

Hopblogger said...

I love all of that red! What fun you must of had stitching it all.
Mini smiles,Conny

daniela said...

Lovely project! Your blog is beautiful!!!

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