Thursday, April 21, 2016

ISHW a little late

Thank-you to all my followers who left such lovely comments on my last post.

I have had a very busy week-end, it started out with stitching and ended up taking my Mother to the hospital via ambulance, she is home now and doing better, I had a Easy Chair lift installed in her home, Medicare and Insurance supplement do not pay for this, but  government insurance will pay for sex changes of people in jail or prison I do not get it, our tax dollars at work on the wrong things.
There now I ranted and feel better.

I am late with my ISHW post so sorry, I did manage to get a new pin finished and some stitching done.

This is the pin I did a little of my own changing of the style, what do you think:

The green one is the original pattern I like them equally.

This is from the Betsy Morgan class that Stitchville USA put on  Spring Fling 2016
I love this set, I did not get much stitching done on  this lovely piece.

 to this

I had hoped to get more done but my Mother comes first.
I will be stitching this afternoon and catching up on blogging post of other people.

It is partly cloudy and we are expecting more rain, that is good, Michael fertilized on Saturday and now the lawn is very green and long, soon the mower will be out, maybe Saturday, not me but Michael, he very rarely lets me mow, I do like to mow but he says its his job, really he means I do not do it like him giggles.

I want to learn to knit so I stopped into a yarn shop in Buffalo Mn, it was wonderful in there, the owner said just stop in sometime, I think I will this summer.
I also want to learn to quilt, I have loads of fabric and want to do something with it,  maybe I should start out with a placement or something.
 It is 13:33 and I need to get that needle in my hand.
Until nest time.



Bea said...

If I had to choose between the pins it would be the purple one as I love the colour, but both are beautiful. You've made excellent progress on the stitching piece.

I hope your mother continues to improve.

Angela Tucker said...

Oh, your stitched piece is beautiful!! Betsy Morgan comes to the same LNS that I had my finishing class with! The other ladies at my table are all going and keep trying to pull me in...I watched as they put together teeny, tiny pieces of stitching...hmmm, nope, I'll stay with my ribbon and beads. LOL

I hope you realize that you are moving closer to the dark side? It starts with just a few fat quarters, then a couple of yards of the perfect fabric, then you're quilting. LOL Then, one skein of yarn jumps in your cart, then two, then you're doing midnight searches on the internet for merino wool! LOL You pick up a few crochet hooks, then it's knitting needles...and they come in all sizes and colors, so you will buy a LOT!

But, it's okay, I will be part of your support group. LOL

Preeti said...

Lovely stitching and beading! looking forward to your knitting and quilting adventures :)

Marilyn said...

I hope your mother is doing better.
The pins are pretty.
And your Betsy Morgan piece will be awesome.

Vickie said...

I am praying for your mother Catherine.
Your beading is amazing. How very, very lovely.
Your stitching is looking great!

Rita JG said...

I hope your Mom is better now.
Great stitching!
Hurray for knitting!

Hopblogger said...

Oooo that is lovely! I cannot choose which pin is lovelier!
Mini hugs,

Our photos said...

Lovely sampler!

Kaisievic said...

Catherine, glad that your mother is okay and back home. Lovely stitching on your sampler - I hope that you did get your afternoon of stitching, as you hoped.

Penny said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother, Catherine. Hope she is doing better. Those are some pretty pins and your sampler is beautifully stitched!

Carol said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your mom isn't doing well, Catherine. Is the easy chair lift helping? Is this the kind that takes you up the stairs or one of those chairs that lifts up to help the elderly stand up easier? My poor mom is not doing well either and we are thinking about getting her a chair that enables her to stand up without the effort she is making now. It's so hard to watch them fail, isn't it?

Lovely pins and sweet sampler...

Frances N said...

So sorry to hear that your Mother wasn't doing well and hope she is better soon.
Your pins are just beautiful! And your red stitching is so pretty!

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