Friday, November 27, 2015

Some beading and a Finished project

I hope you all are doing well, we took my family and Michaels family out to Thanksgiving Brunch, it is a large group but so much cheaper then having dinner at my home, plus I do not have to listen to any football ( I am not a fan) I think they get paid way to much money for what they do.

I am not a big meat eater I had loads of veggies and a big plate of pickled  cucumber yummy.

I was able to make three  more ornaments for our small tree, I love the  pattern they are so easy to do, I have made four so far and plan on making more with leftover seed beads from other projects, wish me luck getting them done before Christmas.
I made a kitty scissor fob and a kitty  ornament with a pink skirt. (own pattern from my head)

I finished stitching the Scattered Seed Sampler Moriah's Summer Token, I just love Tammy's kits, they are so sweet, this one will be a Hand Fan, I love the blue and cream fabric that came in the kit. So sorry about the lighting the picture is showing up way to light, I took this picture at night.

I bought a bathing suit from a company on the net a very well known  company, I have tried this on and love it, except for the dye problem, I always wash my clothing before wearing it this suit has been soaked six times and still it has a problem, it is now soaking for the seventh time, I just hope it is all done after this evening. This was the first soaking, I am now soaking in the tub.

After dinner this evening, I looked outside and found a beautiful site the moon and what a moon it is.

At brunch my great nephew wanted me to see his special glasses, they make things look like three D
I think  I look very silly and he agrees, that is Mikes sister Gloria behind me she is one of my dearest friends, she is so tiny, she stands 4foot eleven and must around 91 pounds.

This is Michael his step Father and Gloria and of course me.

This my Mother and Michael.
I do have more to show you all but want to post again on Sunday, I hope all is well in your little part of the world and I ask  you to pray for an  end to all the hatred in the world.


Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine,
How are you! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is always good to go out and leave the cleanup to someone else. The scattered seed sampler is gorgeous. Love the colors. That is a tremendous amount of dye. Maybe you could use the dye for something. The moon is lovely. You have a beautiful family and the green looks really good on you! I like it.
Mini smiles!

Marilyn said...

Cute projects.
That's a LOT of dye for washing it 7 times!!
Nice pics of your family also.
Glad you had a good time going out.

Vickie said...

What a surprise with all that pink dye!
Have fun making more lovely beaded creations!

butterfly said...

What lovely stitching so pretty , Love all your photos .
I always use colour catchers now in my washing machine because the colours do run today , even after paying out good money.

gracie said...

Nice idea going for brunch. Great pictures. Gee, that is a lot of dye flowing from that bathing suit.....what is going to happen when you are swimming?!

Bea said...

That moon is beautiful - great photos! Love your stitching project and your ornaments - my favourite ornaments are the handmade ones, whether by me or someone else.

Great idea going out for a holiday meal - no prep and no cleanup.

That is a ridiculous amount of dye coming from the bathing suit. Thank goodness you washed it before wearing it.

Penny said...

Your beaded projects are very nice and what a sweet piece from Tammy! I belong to her Humble Hare Handwork club and always love what she designs. Wow...that's a lot of dye from your suit! I think I would be a little upset. And what a great idea to go out for Thanksgiving. :)

Chris said...

Hello Catherine!
It sounds like you had a lovely stress free Thanksgiving. They are the best kind. I am recovering from 2 rounds, the one with Rich's family and Thursday at my Mom's. I am looking forward to getting into some kind of routine after November.
Your beaded ornaments look amazing. I am looking forward to seeing a picture of your tree.
I hope that the new bathing suit means that you have an upcoming trip planned :) Somewhere warm?
Praying for peace too.


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