Sunday, November 15, 2015

I am so happy to be back

Please pray for all the lives lost and all the people harmed in Paris and other parts of the world.

I have had a time of it trying to get back into my BlogSpot, I just seem to not have good luck with Google, I have changed my password I do not know how many times this year, just so I can post, I keep getting denied and have to start all over again, oh well I do have patience at least.

I have been very busy since retirement, my first week off all five days had an event, I help set up for funerals now at Church now so of course the first Friday of retirement there was a funeral.
Then  that week I also had Dr. and Dentist appointments on Monday, a dye and hair cut on Wednesday, Thursday an appointment with the County Nurse for my Mother, then I thought I had a few days to myself, nope Mike wanted me to go with him on one of his business trips for three days, Sunday to Wednesday, then shopping with my Mother on Thursday, Friday last I just stitched and did laundry, yippee.
Tomorrow Mike has an eye appointment for of all things glaucoma surgery. Please pray everything goes well.

I did manage to make a Christmas Cardinal, it is sort of my own pattern and a little of some other parts of a pattern, the pictures are not the best.

I did get the Shepherds Bush Ruler case done, I just need to finish the putting the top on my Shaker Box this week and all the parts will be finished, I am so happy with this series, I hope Shepherds Bush does another, I will jump on that band wagon again.

I bought myself a gift for retirement, I have always wanted a frame like this one and finally got one, I was with Mike on his business trip last week in North Dakota, we stopped at Nordic Needle, on  Mondays they have discount day, I pulled out a 15% off piece of paper lucky me, I love this frame, it is so nice, it came with Velcro for attaching your fabric for stitching, I can set it on a table or between my legs or on my lap. I have the shepherds Bush Ruler Case on the frame, which I finished on Wednesday this week.

This is the bracelet I am working on now, I hope to have it finished tomorrow evening, I took the class at Becka Beads in Maplelake Mn.
I had some problems at the class so took it home to finish it.

This is a picture of my favorite baby, my one and only baby, she is so loveable, she has to be with me always, and cries when I leave home even to just get the mail.

She is hiding in the laundry bag while I iron Mikes shirts.

Time to stitch I hope al, is well with everyone, please pray for all the lives lost in the terror attacks in Paris and around the world.


butterfly said...

Lovely post , love the bird you made and your stitching and your baby is so sweet.
I have been praying for France all weekend , it has been such a sad weekend ,
All the best for your husband hope his results are all good , hugs.

Marilyn said...

Sounds like you are busier now! lol
Your little cardinal is cute, and that's a nice stitching frame.
I hope Mike's surgery goes well.
What a pretty baby.

Vickie said...

I am praying for France and Mike.
That cardinal is so sweet.
I am so happy you are able to get a lot done and still have stitchy time in this retirement of yours.

Linda said...

Lovely projects Catherine. Love the pic of your furbaby.


Kimmie said...

YAY!!!! Retirement!!!!! My mom's big volunteer projects are helping Kindergartners read and she works at the church thrift shop. The other day she said the funeral dinner lady called the thrift shop and they just passed the phone around signing up for side dishes. One stop sign up!!

I love the cardinal! You're other projects are fabulous, too!

marly said...

My goodness you had a tight schedule! Hope all goes well - did not know surgery can help glaucoma.

Penny said...

Nice finishes! And I love that little cardinal! That is a sweet baby you have. :) I will be thinking of your husband and praying for a good outcome.

Preeti said...

You have been so busy after your retirement but still you made some lovely finishes:) The frame looks very nice!! I cannot bend down on anything to stitch, I have both upper and lower back pain, within seconds it starts paining. I have to sit straight and stitch so I put all my charts on my iPad stand. I pray for your husband's successful surgery .

Carol said...

I've heard that when people retire, they often find themselves busier than when they were working, Catherine! That seems to be true for you :)

I so love that sweet cardinal and your other projects.

Hoping your husband's surgery went well for him and that he is recovering quickly...

Bea said...

Love the cardinal! And your feline shadow - I have two of them myself. Those are beautiful finishes. Best wishes for successful surgery for your husband.

Frances said...

I love that sweet cardinal! You did a great job on it!
Your kitty looks very sweet--I love the photo looking out from the laundry bag!
I hope your husband's eye is better