Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some stitching, beading and the upcoming ISHW week-end

Welcome to my  followers old and new I Plan on doing lots of stitching this week-end it is the ISHW week-end, sponsored by pop on over and visit her lovely blog and maybe sign up for the ISHW it is free.
You can see what other bloggers are doing and will have done this week-end.

Now for some stitching news: I am doing the Shepherd's Bush Fold, I love this series it is so sweet, I  finished with the needle book, now I need to put it together. I am enjoying this series.

                                                                     A Full Heart

                                                                My Home Scissor Fob

                                                        Cherish Life  Needle Book
I am on a Shepherds Bush kick this winter, I am also going to stitch the Spooky Stitches bag it is so sweet.

                                                           Spooky Stitches Bag
This is the 2013 Scissor Fob which was a gift to me.
Now as you can see I have loads of Shepherds Bush stitching to do.
I did manage to get another bracelet finished last week-end, I was at Becka Beads for beading last week-end, this is a simple and easy bracelet, I love the colors I picked.

I am going to do one on green for my friend Kathleen the Irish girl and a pink one for me for easter.

Now my message to the Mayor of Boston, how can you stop the people from jumping from their windows, they should know what hazards are on their property, this is like telling them to stop sledding you may run into a tree or something else, I say let them have their fun, but that's just me.

Please stay warm in this cold weather and stitch stitch stitch.

Blessings on this Ash Wednesday
I gave up chocolate, pepsi and sweet rolls for Lent ouch.


Linda said...

Great charts Catherine. I love the bracelet.


Preeti said...

Lovely bracelets !! The charts are very nice.

butterfly said...

Beautiful bracelet .
Love S/Bush what lovely charts.

Marilyn said...

Great S Bush projects.
You will be busy!
The bracelet is very pretty too.

Marilyn said...

Great S Bush projects.
You will be busy!
The bracelet is very pretty too.

Vickie said...

I agree with you on the jumping out the windows. ;)
That bracelet does NOT look easy. Wow! So pretty!
Good for you denying yourself such yummy things. Now that Brian and I are Orthodox, we refrain from all dairy and meat for all of Lent. Sure makes you think of Him.

Kimmie said...

That's quite a Lent list!!! :)

And a project list!

Carol said...

Love all your SP projects, Catherine--they are always such fun to stitch :)

Frances said...

Your charts look like so much fun to stitch! You will have many pretty things when you finish!
That bracelet does look like it would be difficult to make--very pretty!

connie said...

Love the charts you are stitching..I am a sucker for needle books..please post a picture when you have yours put togther..The bracelet you made is lovely..Love the color..