Sunday, February 15, 2015

I had the Pleasure of meeting a wonderful Lady

Greetings to all my followers and new followers welcome: I have some exciting news, I have had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful and beautiful Lady this past friday evening.
She is one of my followers and I am one of hers.
I had mentioned to her that if she ever was in Minnesota to please let me know and maybe we could meet.
Lucky for me that day was friday last, I picked up Chris at her hotel and we went to dinner at the Star Of India in St. Cloud Minnesota, I only live about 20 miles from St. Cloud.
This is one amazing Lady, very intelligent and very charming.
We hit it off immediatly,  we talked about family, stitching and many other subjects, we agrre on everything, the thing I find so amazing for me is it was like we had been life long friends, how cool is that.
Our husbands are almost exackly alike in that they read the same kind of books, like to hike for Chris's husband and my Mike like to run, they both like to hike, Chris does also as do I.
Chris's husband is in the same lione of work that Mike and I used to be in, however Mike and I changed proffessions midlife.
I must tell you I already miss Chris, she is so charming and very pretty, Chris has a grand personalty that is oh so lovely, very gracious and  just a wonderful lady.
I was a little nervous about meeting her at first when I arrived at her hotel to pick her up, I have met one other lady who is an avid beader who really put the scare in me, so meeting Chris was a very
 pleasent surprise.
We had a beautiful dinner, Chris had a great dish that had spinach and veggies, I had a chicken dish that I fell in love with, we shared a combo appitizer plate with loads of goodies on it.
Chris also shared her yummy dessert with me, thank-you Chris.

Chris brought me a birthday gift and what a gift it is she gave me two bars of wonderful chocolate:
Mosher Roth Mint and Mosher Roth Toffee Crunch, I did try the toffee crunch tonight, I held off for as long as possible the temptations gave in wow this chocolate is wonderful, thank-you Chris.
She also gave me a gift certifacate to Stitchville USA from here in Minnesota along with a punch card, I almost started to cry, what a lovely and generous lady she is.
I hope to see Chris againg someday, her blog is Tot Hill Farm Stitches, I love the name if you are not a follower please start following her is a wonderful Lady.
Thank-you Chris for a wonderful time.

I have tried to upload pictures, I will try again tomorrow on my lunch break.
Thank-you for understanding. Blogger will not let me upload for some reason.

I should go now I need to get up at 03:30 so need to get my briefcase and other things together.
Happy Stitching



Linda said...

How nice to meet a fellow blogger. Sounds like you had a great time.


Lisa V said...

How lovely, always nice to meet fellow bloggers that have the same interests.

Preeti said...

It is so nice to meet blogger friends personally. Glad to know you had a nice time:)

Vickie said...

Oh you have met Chris. So jealous. Good for you two.

Carol said...

That is so great that the two of you got a chance to meet, Catherine--hopefully, her travels will take her up your way again!

summer said...

how lovely to meet up, looks like you had a great time :)

Kimmie said...

That's excellent!! Glad you all hit it off!!