Friday, September 5, 2014

My second post this week yahoo

Hello everyone: I hope this day finds you all well.
Thank-you for all your kind words and emails about my lovely Mother.
She is doing better, we took her out to dinner this week to Buca di Bepo for lunch, it was a little too early for her to be out, so a little setback, she insisted she wanted to go, I donot blame her, she was in the house for almost three weeks.

Now on to a little exchange information, Kim from Iowa sent me the loviest blue square with my ential on it, I plan on putting it on a box for my beading stuff.
Thank-you Kim your stitching is beautiful, she also added a beautiful scissor fob, as you all know I am a hound for fobs,  the little hearts say  made with love I am nuts about them, the fabric is so beautiful, I have an idea for it I just hope it works out.
kim is so kind to send such lovely things.
Thank-you from my heart and soul.

 This is what I sent Kim, it is a TrLaLa pattern found at the Thread Basket, I have a link on my main page, try it out take a look you may find something you cannot live without.

I am almost finished with my Drawn Thread Sewing pocket, I plan on finishing the stitching tonight, I will post a picture on sunday or monday.
I have been working on a couple of bracelets that were given to me by my friend Jan at Needlework Guild Retreat, they are colorfull and fun, I will also post pictures on sunday or monday.
It is almost dinner time so must go,  its ribs, potatoes and salad tonight.
To you all.


Frances N said...

I'm glad your Mom got to go out for a while, even though it really tired her out--sometimes we need a fun time away from home! I hope she is feeling better....
It looks like you both got wonderful things in your exchange! That blue is gorgeous--so pretty! And I love the piece you stitched-- very pretty, too! What fun!

Linda said...

What nice exchange gifts both the ones today and the ones in the previous post. I am sorry your mother had been so ill but glad that she felt well enough to go out.

Kimmie said...

What wonderful goodies!!!!!!

cucki said...

Sweet goodies
And I am sending lots of love for your mom
Big hugs x

Anonymous said...


I'm glad your mother is getting better.
Beautiful exchange gifts, both sent and received!
Happy weekend (:

Carol said...

Such a nice exchange between you and Kim! And I'm so relieved to read that your mother is feeling better--that must have been so scary for your whole family when she fell ill last month, Catherine... Wishing her a steady recovery!

Preeti said...

That's a lovely gift exchange !! Just saw your link on Kim's blog.

Pearl said...

Glad your mother got out a bit. Who can blame her for wanting to be out and about?

Your needlework is absolutely lovely!


Angela P said...

Both stitched finishes are lovely :)

Hopblogger said...

Love your blue C. Very nice! Your Drawn Thread Sewing pocket is lovely.
Mini smiles,