Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I have missed you all

Welcome to all my followers so sorry I have not posted earlier, august was a bittersweet month.
I recieved a beautiful exchange from  June over at butterfly-butterflywings.blogspot.com, June is the sponser of the Round Robin, which I am enjoying so much.
This is what she sent me.
This is what I sent June:

This is a very old pattern from Dimensions it was a kit, I love this pattern.
I love pansy's, they are so refresing and so delicate, I did as a pansy pattern for June, we did not know what each other was stitching.
I love all the goodies June sent the soap is from Cath Kidtson wow I love all of Cath Kidston line of goodies.The Madera thread is so beautiful, the color will be used for a christmas project I have in mind.
I am a button freak, I have jars of them vintage and new, the buttons June sent are a very light color of lavander, oh so pretty, I want to use them on a bracelet I plan on making, I am not sure what I will do with the pansy' square just yet maybe on a pocket on one of my jackets.
I was at Minnesota Needlework Guild Retreat the week of 11th to the 17th, what a great time I had,
I took a doll class from Barb Kobe from Minnesota, she is an amazing teacher, I was not all myself that week my Mother became very ill and almost died, so my mind was not where it should have been, but I did finish a doll from start tpo finish, they are made out of tree beanches, batting, ducktape
molding clay and fabric with staing and paints.
This is the biginning of Sheba

Her face is made out of modeling clay the kind you buy from Target, I freeformed her face she is a littl on the homely but I love her, the hair is made out of yarn, the dress I ripped from a scarf, she will hang in the family room.

These lovely creatures were made by a Mother and daughter team they were a hoot to have in the same class, they are very creative ladies.

I will post somemore later this week, I have been busy making bracelets and stitching.




Frances N said...

I have missed you, too!
I'm sorry your mother became ill, but very glad she is still with you! It's so hard to watch a sick parent...
Your doll is lovely! You did a great job on it--a new talent!
Looks like you both got a good stitching gift--both are very pretty!

Anonymous said...


What a great exchange - lovely goodies both sent and recieved.
I love the doll - very clever (:

Anna van Schurman said...

Those dolls are great, especially your "homely" one.

Hopblogger said...

Love all of the stitching. Nice gifts!
Am so glad that your Mother has gotten better. The dolls are so crafty. Just love how they are made from nothing.
Will email you soon!
Mini smiles, Conny

cucki said...

Awwe I love dolls so much
So sweet..
Sweet gifts
Have a lovely day x

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Catherine, your doll is fabulous! I love it! It reminds me of a gypsy :) thoughts and prayers for your Mother!

butterfly said...

It was good fun to stitch our R/R together.
Thank you I love the one you stitched for me.

Love your dolls what fun.

Kimmie said...

I love the one with the crown!!!!!

Sorry to hear about your mom's illness. Very scary!!

Solstitches said...

A lovely exchange both given and received.
It looks as though a lot of work goes into the making of these dolls.
Your sturned out great.