Thursday, April 24, 2014

ISHW and Robins in the snow

Good spring day to you all, I am so happy to have today off, I donot have many of these.
Last week-end onm y ISHW (International Stitch and Hermit Week-end)
I worked on my Drawn Thread Sampler Pocket from Retreat that Stitchville put on at the beginning of the month.
I had only the upper left hand stitching done that is the green crosses with the Jessica Stitch, I was not fond of this stitch, only because I cannot get them to look so good. I do want to get this done soon.
So sorry for the wrinkles I am not a frame stitcher I like the feel of the fabric in my hand.

Up next is the Just Cross Stitch Magazine ornament from 2009, I love this ornament,I added a few more beads then it needed I do like the way it turned out, I stitched this earlier this year I wanted to do the finishing just to get it done to show you.

This is one of my Up For A Challenge 15 I did stitched this ornament in january, I finally did the finishing work, whew I am so far behind on stitching, this is a Shepherds Bush Behold, I do wish the picture would show the buildings better they are so sweet.

I wanted to show you the poor robins in the snow last week, on wednesday we had rain-snow-rain and again snow we had 1 inches here in Annandale, the poor robins were shivering their little feathers off.
I hope they build homes in our yard again, they are fun to watch, the babies are so cute.

The birds on my neighbors yard are not the birds in the tree there were about 50  or more robins in the front yard between Margarets  and my home. The tree in Margarets yard is an ornamental tree with dried berries falling off from last season, since the worms are burried for the winter the robins need to make do with old berries.

It is time to stitch I will post again on saturday or sunday of my progress on my Sampler Pocket.
I wanted to tell you about a lovely blogspot I have found, if you have not visited Samplers and Santas, I am not sure of the link so sorry, please look her up on Google you will be surprised with the lovely patterns she has for free. Samplers and Santa.

Blessings to you all



Kimmie said...

Love all your stitches!!!!

Not fond of your snow pics and your poor chilly robins. :)

Christina said...

Ooooh, I love your finishes Catherine. I always find circular finishes very tricky so I tend to avoid them!

Frances N said...

Your stitching is lovely! I especially like your ornaments--a weakness of mine!! Great job on finishing!

Hopblogger said...

Everything is wonderful. lovely finishes! The snow looks cold but beautiful.
Mini smiles, Conny

Anne said...

Beautiful finishes Catherine! I love the 2009 design! So quaint and cute!