Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My very late late december ISHW post and other things

Hello to all my followers, welcome to my new followers I hope all is well with you all and you are satying warm, I am trying so hard to keep a positive mind about this stinky weather.
I do have a late ISHW post, I have no excuse for it other then the holidays did keep me busy.
I finished a Drawn Thread stitch.

This is the Spot of Autumn pattern, this is done on I think 28 count linen, unsure of the type of linen, the finish stitching area is 31/2 by 31/2, I plan on putting this on a small box to hold my orts, this is from the four seasons series.

This is my sewing/craft room I love this room, I have not been good to this place, I have neglected it so much this past two months, I had so much i needed to gey done and never cleaned it after the mass destruction of crafting for  the holidays, I hope to have this mess straightened up soon very soon.

 Now do you think I could have at least put the iron away, nope just lazy old me trying to get to much done in a short period of time, I made my deadlines but left an aftermath that is not pretty, wish me luck.

This is a pattern I started way back in january 2009, it is from the Just Cross Stitch magazine, I was off by one stitch and just wanted to cry, I put it in my Up For A Challenge 2014  I found the stitch and it was an easy fix. I chose a 36 count Edin. White Opal I love the sparkle it has this is a very easy fabric to work with, I used my own choice of threads a mix of DMC, I think the colors are a little light.
I hope to have this done before this week-end.

This is a project I am giving to a very special Lady I call the Quilt Lady, I will finish framing this tomorrow and drop in the mail on saturday, I think she knows who she is, she is also into minatures.
I do hope she likes it.


I am going to show you my Up For A Challenge 15, I hope to have at least 13 of them finished this year. Some are things that are kitted up and others I have started, I am also including pictures of some of the things I need to do the finishing on, loads of work here.

I wish you all good health and loads of stitching.



Catherine said...

Great projects!!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Look at all those projects! WOW! And your craft room looks very similar to the state of mine, right now ;)

Kimmie said...

Good heavens! You have lots of plans!!!! LOL

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine!
OMG - you are a darling! I cannot wait to receive this beautiful cross stitch! Thank you so much.
I love your sewing/craft room. It is so clean!
I am looking forward to seeing all of those projects finished especially the 'Cover up". That one looks interesting.
Many mini hugs sent to you sister!