Monday, January 13, 2014

My Exchange from Ella

I  recieved my exchange from Ella on saturday, I was thrilled with what she sent, it is a round metal tin, the patten is from the Christmas Garden booklet, also including was a lovely strawberry pin keep it smells so good,she made this herself.

This is what I sent Ella, I hope she likes it, the pattern is from the Blackbird Designs Christmas Garden booklet.

  Weare getting more snow this evening and tomorrow, oh how I long for warmer weather, please Mr. Weather man give us warmer weather and less snow.
Welcome to my new followers.

Time to stitch happy stitching.



Lisa V said...

Love them both.

Joanie said...

Very nice exchange! I can see why you would be thrilled. And your exchange to your partner was just darling! Great job!!!

Penny said...

Lovely exchange!

Linda said...

Lovely exchange Catherine.


Christina said...

Beautiful exchanges Catherine. :0) I love the photograph looking out of your window at the snow...we haven't had any at all this winter!

Hopblogger said...

Love the colorful thread keeper with the old fashioned design. Niceee stitching. That's a cute strawberry.
Many smiles,

Catherine said...

Love it all!