Thursday, October 10, 2013

So Sad today

Cathy from Pumpkin Patch and Co. passed on to our Lord today, how sad it is to have lost such a beautiful soul.
I am praying for her Family and hope the transition is easy.
I sit here with tears in my eyes because she was so young and fought such a battle, sometimes Our Lord needs to take his Children home early.
She is now in no pain and I am sure she is enjoying her life hereafter.
Blessings to Cathy's Family.



Parsley said...

I am so sad

Tatkis said...

Tragic and sad news...

Marilyn said...

I have been reading her story, so sad.

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine,
I am sorry to hear that. I will pray for her.
Mini hugs and kisses,