Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween to all and a Happy  All Saints Day.
I found a few  pictures on Pinterest I just love, I hope you enjoy them also.


                                                 I think this is me in ten years

One of my favorite pictures

                                                                                  Oh My be careful barber

                                                        I Love this little bag

 He is a riot to look at.
                                                              What a hoot he is.


Kathy Ellen said...

Love your sweet photos!

Blessings on this lovely autumn day!

Jeanne said...

Great photos...I'm saving a couple off especially that owl pumpkin and that little bag! Thanks for sharing.

Hopblogger said...

I love that owl pumpkin. And the dog is so cute!
Many hugs and kisses, Conny

Chris said...

Love this assortment of pics. Ohhh pinterest....

Kimmie said...

Love the pin pics!!!!!! So fall-ish!